After NYSC: What’s Next? Techniques for Living the Life of Your Dreams

3 min readDec 14, 2023

After NYSC: What’s Next? Techniques for Living the Life of Your Dreams

The NYSC program is over, and the question is, what’s next for me? There are thousands, if not millions, of people who have graduated in Nigeria, just like I have. The job market is highly saturated, with many holding first-class and second-class upper degrees. Do I need connections to land a job in the labor market, or should I explore the favor market? Does the labor market respond to mere word of mouth? I believe I need to work towards a better market.

Dear reader, the future is not something to be waited for; it has already started. The future is now.

The following techniques can help you live the life of your dreams after NYSC:

1. Cultivate Your Talent:

Discover your untapped potential and focus more on your talents than on searching for a job. With numerous graduates in Nigeria, it’s often about who you know rather than what you know. Give preference to your talents or gifts — the things you’re passionate about. It could be baking cakes, hairstyling, painting, voiceovers, studio art, and more. Allocate 80% of your efforts to your passion and 20% to job searching at the early stage. This approach will help you find your true purpose and make you your own boss. I recommend reading Sam Adeyemi’s book titled “Start with What You Have” and “Ideas Rule the World.”

2. Learn Digital Skills:

Digital skills can be delivered over the internet, opening up various opportunities. Learn skills such as graphic design, cybersecurity, product management, social media marketing, etc. Add these skills to your CV or online profile to increase your job prospects, earning potential, and improve your personal business if you choose self-employment.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

Explore affiliate marketing opportunities online. Verify the legitimacy of trending affiliate marketing sites before applying to avoid falling victim to scams. Affiliates earn by recommending users to use products or services. Platforms like Amazon offer affiliate programs, and you can find others on YouTube.

4. Content Creation:

Being a content creator is a viable career. You don’t need tech or coding skills; your smartphone and Wi-Fi are sufficient. Create content on social media platforms that resonate with you. A single piece of content can go viral, leading to popularity and potential earnings.

5. CV/Resume and LinkedIn Profile Optimization:

Develop an impressive CV with details about your NYSC activities, career objectives, skills, and educational qualifications. Your references should be “Available upon request.” Extend your online presence by building a LinkedIn profile with proper SEO. Network with professionals on LinkedIn, a significant career networking site. Use the hashtag #opentowork to signal your job availability.

6. Embrace a Career in Tech:

Consider learning tech skills if you’re open to opportunities abroad. Many countries, including Canada, Australia, and European countries, have a demand for labor in the tech industry. Google offers various tech skills, including web design, ethical hacking, machine learning, and more. Learn how to leverage ChatGPT to your advantage.

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