Arpadox Global Services

3 min readSep 20, 2023


ARPADOX GLOBAL SERVICES (AGS) offers you top-notch, world class services in CCTV Installation, Sales of Motion Sensor, Supply of Motion Sensor, Solar Street Light, Outdoor Light, and Solar Power Installation. We provide quality products that guarantee maximum security, efficient result and convenience for all-round comfort.

As a company, we have maintained an excellent reputation that uniquely differentiates us from other service providers. Thus, being trusted with reputable projects beyond our capacity.

We serve the mass markets in Abuja, Northern part of Nigeria and Nigeria at large.

Our Strategic aim is to work with Startups, Household, Communities, Individuals and Entrepreneurs to ensure Africa become a better Hub for Business.


Over the years, we have come to realize that a strong professional workforce that delivers excellently, is what every individual Client want. Also, timely deliverability is another contributing factor we believe this can be bridged in delivering all our services to keep us ahead in the market, creating a bond of trust with our clients.

We hope to overcome most of the common threats within the market with transparency, timeliness and excellence as a strategy to stay ahead of competition in the marketplace.

As a company, we strive for growth by initiating novel ideas within the energy industry to ensure credible services for our customer’s satisfaction via real time partnership with top stakeholders within and around the world.

Our services have been designed to suite all sectors of building and construction ranging from commercial, Real Estate, Residential buildings and other forms of infrastructure.


To become a well-known brand with excellent customer relationship management, meeting our customers expectation on time.

To generate positive cash flow through our services and at least hit a 10% profit margin within a year.

To meet clients’ demand by ensuring products and services availability before engaging a/the project.

To carefully understand and deliver with precision the needs and expectation of our target customers.


To project a unique service delivery within the energy sector, executing all our approved projects with excellence within a specified measurable time frame.

VISION: To become a known reputable brand and a well-respected company as measured by our customers, employees and partners within our existing business environment.

OUR VALUES: Our values are critical to our success.

A. Excellence

B. Teamwork

C. Integrity

D. Commitment to service delivery


1. Excellent service delivery that will build and maintain client’s loyalty.

2. A business relationship that will assure high company visibility and a high flow of clients.

3. Our commitment to continuous improvement and total quality service.


We have a hand-on-style of an end-to-end product and service delivery, with the end goal of satisfying our clients. We are committed to deliver technical expertise on a one-off next to perfect standard with affordability, quality and effective deliverability.


With the ambience technical certification of our team, we provide nothing else but excellence. We give a first-hand service delivery with a note of confidentiality in request of our esteemed clients.


1. Sales/installation of body motion solar street/outdoor lights

2. CCTV installation and control channels

3. Solar energy installation


In view of our value, service delivery and ethical guidelines, we carry out our projects with measurable results and deliverability within 30–60days depending on the scope of the project.