Being. People. Individual Person. The Friends we Keep

2 min readJan 3, 2022

Being. People. Individual Person. The Friends we Keep

In relationship 101,John C .Maxwell said that people are your asset. People are also your liability. The challenges is just to keep nicing to them no matter what.

Several books have been written on people and people management. I have also written up to 3 articles on people series on Face Book. John Shwartz put it that people are the greatest misery on earth. Looking at the John Shwartz lines one would assume that it worth it. But if each and every one of us can take time to reflect the good that is happening into our life I think we can trace it to a particular person,individual or people. So also,our sorrow in life can also be traced to people that has come into our life.

Relationship is very important in life. Its also could be very dangerous. So you have to watch who is taking an entry in to your life. There is life and death in a relationship. There is ups and down in any friendship. Friends can either put you forward or draw you back. That is what is in vogue now. Associates is killing than ever. A lot of people would have succeed more than they expect but the people factor.

Friends cheat. Friends betray. Friends back bite. Friends fucked up. Friends fucked down. Friends can be crazy on you after they gained what they really want from you. Some lives on rules while some live on tactics. Some are adamant to silent while you do the talking and later they would gossip you that you talk too much. You can imagine if two people are too silent. Being together without talking to each other over a long period of time…won’t it be bored? I hate unsocial nonvocal friend. I suspect such people to be tactical. Their long run is fair to them. Friends don’t like bearing the bad time with friend. Try and communicate your tough time they would either run away or make jest of you.

At times they are not worth telling the truth. They deserve to be served lie. What is the gain in telling lies? Tell them the good that is happening in you they would think you are bragging. Its only when you seems to be progressing that friends would like to come your way. When things goes other way they would withdraw from you and deny you totally.

Friend is something that can be purchase…it is bought and sold.

Congratulation to those who are worshiping their friends. For those who doesn’t keep friends,you also are very fortunate.

What again can we write about under this topic? Choose. Select. Scan. Enemy could be sweeter. Have you tried it lately? Eating in your enemy’s pot could make delicacy delicious. Sleeping with the Enemy.Friends can kill you . Enemy can still give u a second chance,third chance..let just be ourselves. Friend is not measure by quantity but quality.