2 min readSep 20, 2022


Building Content for Storytelling. Delivery Happiness to Clients

We must draw stories from our past in other to connect with our audience. Our content matters that’s’ why you see Clients reading our post online out of their precious time.

If you said you want to be secretive. That is a matter of choice. But have you considered the countless of Novels that has been written in the history of mankind. The words or wordings in those Novels came out from Human Minds which I called Great Mind.

There can be no secret all over. And there are people who specializes in trying to know more about you than you know about them.

There are people who appear like ghost on our WhatsApp on a daily basis. They hide to read our daily post and they would never share. This act is called Schmoozing. Schmoozing is bad. It connotes the act of using others without you adding value.

As a writer we must write and share in other to learn from each other.

Psychologically, there can be no secret anywhere. If we are to make our daily living as a Content Marketer, keeping to ourselves would not work best.

Everything that we have in minds need Advertisement. Nothing happens until someone say something.

This is the liveliest time in History where Talent flourishes. Seeing content everywhere. We just have to choose the one to consume for us to avoid distraction.

Everything we share online are coming from either imagination, fiction, assumption and in fact creativity.

Storytelling is a means of selling part of ourselves to our audiences. We care about them. Our focus is on them. Everything on our website, social media, notebook and diary is about our clients.

The act of developing storytelling content is not really an easy one. But I always consider time and the need to have sense of urgency.

In the world full of issues ranging from mental health, inflation, instability, job loss, marriage issue, failed friendship and so on. We all need to put storytelling on the internet market for humanity to read for relieve.

We are writers and not fighters. The world needs to read from us at this point in time. It is a world of information loads. Hence, we should try and write less and meaningful. No one want to read too much content that sounds boring.

Let us identify problems surrounding us, write about it and then bring a Call to Action (CTAs) accordingly.

Having issue with coming up with write up? Link up with me and let us collaborate. Writers Block can happen to any writers. Even me and you.

Please read my article and share with writers and community.