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Business Growth for Travel and Tour Business

If you want to grow your Ticketing and Reservation business. Consider the following solutions from Classic Technologies and Marketing Company

1. Consider Marketing.
You see Marketing is not just a course of study. It is fascinating, amazing and as well it is beautiful.
Your business can only move when you move. Sales don't just happen in a comfort zone. Clients want to see you. They want you to also pay them a visit.

2. Social Media. This is the world of digital business. Hence the need to know what to do with the smartphones in your hand.
Post daily on Facebook and Instagram and you would see great changes in the way you do business.
Have a social media calendar. Hire a Social media manager like Ajala Abiodun if you don't have one or consider having him even though you have.

3. Branding. You business need branding. Branding goes beyond logo and graphics. There is much in a name. Choose a name that would appeal to clients. There is much in a name than just having a business.

4. Implementation of Ideas. After reading this. Start implementing. Do not wait for money or loans before you start this business. The interest rate on loan in Nigeria is high. So let your passion and dream for business be higher than the need for loan.

5. Hire me as your Marketing Consultant. Then you should also consider having the right Team. See it takes money to erect a building. But it takes people to start a business.

6. Be visible on Google search engine. Register your biz on Google my business

7. Analyse the market plus your competition.

8. Have a budget for marketing.

To learn more please follow this page or add me on WhatsApp 07034773284 for Digital Marketing updates

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