Can Office Politics Thrive in a Remote Work? Organizational Behavior Guide for FINTECH and Startups

3 min readJan 31, 2024

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Can Office Politics Thrive in a Remote Work? Organizational Behavior Guide for FINTECH and Startups

The Pandemic was a great opportunity to exploit our Tech work tools. We all enjoyed how we work from home and having an organized meeting using our Zoom call, Google meet and WhatsApp calls.

Some business writers were even glad that this would be a great opportunity for staff suffering office politics to run away from Their physical workplace to a remote work setting where they would enjoy their own freedom. The Hybrid work is good but everyone enjoys working from home.

We need to understand that Human behavior is dynamic. It is very difficult to predict. If you don’t understand Languages. We should try as much as we can to understand body languages. Body Languages speak volume.

Politics in the workplace is inevitable. Even if we are working under the sea or water. Human remains human.

Many individuals make use of face mask while communicating with their co-workers in the workplace. But they couldn’t use body mask.

Leadership in The Startups companies should be about good principle. The HR should try as much as possible not to be the kind of person that manipulate. It’s all start with these guys. If you have HR folks that have manipulative behavior you can never have a good workplace.

The FINTECH companies should know that Growth in Business is about having a good System. By System, we, mean hiring the right people. They should be holistic in their approach. Do not cheat your staff. If you cheat your staff your clients would feel the impact.

The Companies in Nigeria haven’t gone far simply because we play too much politics on issue. The Accounting Department toy with our Pension. They don’t remit it on time. And I believe the HR folks knows about this! The HR guys manipulate our salary. They use grammar of all kind to confuse us. Gross versus Net. Then where is my salary? Some companies are yet to even have a pay date. Why do we do all these to ourselves?

Nigerian companies are finding it hard to see Growth. Growth is not when few guys at the top are flexing the company’s money. Growth is not when you lie to the public that you are socially responsible when you are not. Growth is not about your fine web site. Forget your fine Diary or office freebies! Who cares! A company should respect the society she operates in.

Dear Startup, be wary of Informal Grouping in your company. Do not advertise vacancies that you won’t filled. Do not vest power in the hands of the few Top managements whose motive is nothing but to frustrate the effort of The Team.

When we pay attention to the system of work. We would notice poor body languages that doesn’t mean business. All they mean is hating workers. Frustrating workers. Sacking people for no reason. Making use of Sexual Harassment. Corruption. Denying people of work promotion and so on.

Dear Startups firm, ensure you have Love Department in your Organization. Where employee can truly genuinely like each other. Even if they are co-working remotely. Feelings are contagious while interacting online.

Too much politics can hinder Productivity in any Startup business. Educate your IT guys and other Team members in every functional area of your business.

If truly you need Business Growth. You would need to do the right thing. Put Politics aside. Focus on the objective of work. Management is not something to play is an academic field of study that brought about this Professionalism. Without Management there would be misery. Ask Henry Ford. Ask Harvard Business Review. Ask companies that understand the importance of Growth. Ask Accenture. Ask British American Tobacco.

I don’t fit into companies with high tolerance for Politics. No. Never. Politics of salary. Politics of promotion. Politics always internally when their outside is suffering. They failed to compete with rivals in the marketplace.

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