Career Lay-off. 4 Ways to Cope with it and How you Can Be a Better Version of You.

4 min readDec 8, 2023

Career Lay-off. 4 Ways to Cope with it and How you Can Be a Better Version of You.

Career lay-off got trending before the great resignation. The great resignation is an eye opener to many employees. Also known as the Big Quit. It was mainly American economic trend in which employees voluntarily resigned from their jobs en masse, beginning in the early 2021 in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is layoff? A layoff is the act of ending workers’ job, sometimes temporarily, usually because there is not enough work to do. Other related terms are sack and termination of employment. Many people have lost their jobs during pandemic through no fault of their own.

While the concept of layoff looks so scary to many workers. There are many benefits that could come with it if one should look at it professionally and having the ability to manage surprise.

While I was managing team of customer service in the telecommunication business. I do tell my team that life can strike anyone at any time. Hence, we need to budget for risk. It is not all friendship that work. And you don’t expect every career to last forever. The life of the enterprise is longer than the citizen in it. The leaves wither the tree stays.

Great CEOs were once fired from their career, and they grow. So, we should stop looking at layoff has end of the world or end of our career. Pick up a lesson from it and move on. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we learn said Brian Tracy.

We got fired! And it’s the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Us. I love the title of this book by Harvey Mackay, Founder and CEO. You can get free copy of this book by visiting to complete a form and download the eBook.

I want to say this, and I didn’t mean to scare you. What do you think would be the future of work tomorrow? Every where we navigate on the internet it is one guy that is trending. Whose name is Artificial Intelligence. Have you thought about if AI or Generative AI and or ChatGPT would not impact your current job role and take away your job away? Even companies that fail to embrace change would witness the disruption! No hidden place. Continuous leaning, improvement and learning to fit in or blend with trends can only make individuals and businesses to have relevance.

For those that AI and company’s layoff has happened to and still wondering how to pick up and get back on their feet. I would suggest you follow the 9 ways listed below. This would bring the leadership in you back to limelight.

1. Learn new tech skills. The future of work belongs to knowledge workers. Learning is a continuous process. Now that you are out of job. Make use of this phase to learn trending skills that are in demand. You can start with LinkedIn learning. Get one-month free subscription on premium. LinkedIn has all the resources you need to meet up with today’s job market. Other sites that you can get resources for learning are Udemy Allisson

2. Attend online webinar: There are many free online webinars that you can join. Look for topics that would solve your present situation. Topics like How to Structure your Resume/CV. And those related to motivation and inspiration from Top Voices and or Leader who are ready to share what their experiences like after they have had similar issue with career break down or life related challenges. This would spur or motivate you to stand up and bounce back on time. It is called Resilience!

3. Networking: Your ability to network with people could also give your chances of winning over layoff. Learn to speak up. Do not keep to yourself. If you cannot speak up. Write your own story of layoff and share it online. That too could help relieve the burden of pain or worry. Do not take yourself too seriously. Socialize with people! Talk about the experience and laugh at it. You are not the first and you cannot be the last. Steve Jobs was once fired from Apple and we can still always refer to him as one the best Leader in the world of business. An iconic manager.

4. Spend Time Your Family: There is much to life than just working. Denzel Washington said, we are busy making a living while we forget to make a life. Family is the key. This time is the best to spend with your loved ones. Laugh and play with the kids. Do some domestic work. Learn to do a walk out and register for a fitness training.

5. Internship or Volunteering: While waiting for the next job to come. It is recommended you volunteer to do some work or project in your community. You can pick up a commission-based job or an internship role that involve writing for companies. This would keep you busy and fit. And those experiences can help close the gap on your CV. So many things that you could also do like making some online videos, volunteering for NGOs, produce content and share online.

6. Learn ChatGPT, Digital skills and make the right use of your smartphone to leverage.

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