Cover Letter Business Development

4 min readJan 8, 2024

I am writing to express my profound interest in the Business Development Executive role at XYZ Company. My professional background encompasses a practical understanding of consumer behavior data insights, digital creativity, and strategic marketing expertise. I have immersed myself in various marketing models, equipping me with the confidence to effectively apply these principles to a wide range of business scenarios.

My motivation for pursuing this position draws from a unique blend of academic knowledge and hands-on experiences in marketing and creative problem-solving. As a graduate in Business Administration from the prestigious University of Ilorin, one of the foremost institutions in Africa, I have delved into the intricate field of marketing psychology and harnessed data analytics to address critical inquiries. My research portfolio includes the application of information processing theories to comprehend the impact of humor and storytelling in advertising, exploring the intricacies of effective design and layout, and scrutinizing the linguistics of brand names and their influence on consumer preferences. Both my academic foundation and my proficiency in key account management directly align with the demands of the Strategy, Marketing Services, and Project Management facets of this role.

In addition to my academic credentials, I hold an MBA in Marketing and have attained several certifications in Sales and Marketing through LinkedIn Learning. My dedication to continuous learning ensures that I stay updated with the latest industry trends, regularly engaging with resources such as HubSpot, YouTube, Scribd, Harvard Business Review, and LinkedIn. I also actively share my knowledge through consulting, digital marketing, coaching, training, content.

creation, and research, with a particular focus on assisting startups in enhancing their online advertising efforts.

My professional journey has led me through a spectrum of industries, encompassing corporate marketing, branding, and retail sales. During my tenure at MTN Nigeria, I played a pivotal role in amplifying the sales of enterprise solutions products. I have a proven track record of successful collaboration with diverse teams to transform innovative concepts into reality. My deep understanding of brand essence and the value of partnerships seamlessly align with the responsibilities of this position.

Complementing my marketing expertise, I possess IT skills that keep me at the forefront of the evolving marketing landscape, bridging the gap between Marketing 3.0 and 4.0. My diverse work experiences span across industries such as engineering and construction, telecommunications, transport and logistics, insurance, travel agencies, and healthcare.

Since the start of 2022, I have amassed valuable freelance business development experience with renowned organizations, including Heirs Life Assurance, AffilBase Network, Proweb e-Solutions,, Mandilas Group, Moji Comcraft Communications, Benutech Hub, Classic Technologies and Marketing Company, Envio Blockchain Services, Terawork, and Fairmoney. I actively contribute content to WordPress blogs, Medium, The Good Men Project, Hello Love Magazine, Teal Feed, and LinkedIn newsletters. Furthermore, I excel in managing social media marketing campaigns for individuals, startups, and small businesses.

My extensive professional history includes key roles in marketing, sales, business development, and business operations with notable companies, such as African Alliance Insurance, Hemingway Safari Africa, Merit Plus Academy, Brave Word Entertainment, Mikano International Limited, MTN Nigeria Communications PLC, Benutech Services, Car 39, Hiit Plc, Regal Chauffeur Group, One Smart Star Nigeria, Drum Stix, Cedarcrest Hospitals, and more.

I currently serve as the Marketing and Growth Manager at ASIN5, where I have been instrumental in driving website sales, crafting compelling narratives, managing content, and overseeing digital marketing and research. Additionally, I lead customer success management for the company.

Furthermore, I have experience working remotely as an Operations/Supply Associate at QuickBus Nigeria, an African-British startup that simplifies bus ticket booking for travelers. In this role, I am responsible for identifying and onboarding bus operators, nurturing relationships, and supporting marketing initiatives.

I have also held the position of Chief Marketing Officer for Ullweb Technology, a software, website, and mobile solutions company. In this capacity, I oversee various projects encompassing co-workspaces, marketplaces, content creation, proposal writing, pitch deck creation for investors, and digital sales.

My experience extends to SaaS software marketing with Choice Cloud, where I have been integral in promoting and positioning school software, hospital software, CRM, graphic design, email marketing, and content development. I have also engaged in freelance sales of software to Swift and other startup SaaS B2B companies.

I have undertaken research assignments with Silverlight Research Group in London, and I served as a Sales Manager for DtechCentrix Inc, based in Ontario, Canada.

Presently, I work with SocialadsCompany in the Netherlands as a Growth Marketing Manager on a freelance basis. Additionally, I hold the role of Business Development Manager for Absolute Recruiters on a part-time basis.

The true measure of a company’s success is in the growth of its clients’ businesses. I am eager to discuss how my diverse skills and extensive experiences can contribute to the growth of your clients. Please feel free to reach me at +2349031606060 or .

I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to become a part of your organization, as I believe that the mutual benefits and shared values harmonize seamlessly. Thank you for considering my application. I eagerly await the opportunity for further discussion