Do not be a Writer if You find yourself doing these 8 things!

4 min readDec 27, 2023


Do not be a Writer if You find yourself doing these 8 things!

Writers are known for being generous with pen and words to serve humanity. If you have been aspiring to become a content writer or weblog writer, you need to watch out for the following pitfalls and if you find yourself indulging in any of them, we advise you to switch professions or adjust yourself to be regarded as a writer.

Trait number 1: I like to keep to myself. You cannot be a writer if all you do is keep to yourself. You find it comfortable to keep and withhold information only to yourself. A good writer brings out all the wording in them and writes it online for people to read. The writer’s life is a public one.

Trait number 2: I don’t like Literature. The history of being writers is the history of literature. It was the story of the past that became history. You don’t need to know all the figures of expression. At least you need to have passion for any part of the Literature be it prose, poem, and so on.

Trait number 3: I hate sharing online. Some people feel by sharing online that they are losing themselves or their work. Some don’t want others to know what they know. Hence, they hide useful information from others to benefit from. These set of people have forgotten that one candle can light many candles in the room. There is joy in sharing,

Trait Number 4: I don’t want people to know much about me. I do tell people that there is no secret all over. Whether you share about yourself or decide to be secretive. There are parts of your information that are readily known. So why keep it secret when you can write it and make money?

There are countless novels written as biographies or autobiographies. There are stories of people who are willing to give part of themselves to the world. They want people to read an insight into their life, adventures, fame, pain, and glory. When the novel gets to the library or bookshop someone decides to pick it up and read. Life-changing transformation begins.

Suppose you like to read about great people in history. Then do not hesitate to share your own story. What would you like the younger ones or the generation to come to know or learn about you don’t just live? Write an account of things.

Trait number 5: I am not a social media freak. We are living in the tech space. I mean the age of technology. Of what usefulness is our written content when we don’t want to post it online for the audience to like, comment, and share? It is through engagement that many creators earn money online. You need to write and look for appropriate social media sites that resonate with your content.

Trait number 6: Not good enough. Many of us have that part of our mind that always tells us that we are not good enough. When we write content or articles, we quickly delete them. Sometimes our friends would read our project and tell us we hadn’t done so well. We let their voice sink into our heads and get discouraged. The good news is that you can write anything and publish anything. What is not good for our audience or readers might be good for another. Human beings differ in perception. Build the self-esteem that sells.

Trait number 7: I like to do it on my own. If you do not embrace collaboration, it will be challenging and a bit difficult for you to produce meaningful content. Learning to work with others can enhance your writing skills. No one is an island. Team up with other writers. Accept feedback and opinions of others.

Trait number 8: I am afraid of rejection and criticism. We know that criticism hurts. Because it puts the other person on the defensive while it puts the other person on the offensive. But people are criticizing are they grow. What makes writing articles or books interesting is when people criticize your work. It happens in music, literature, movies, and even in business whereby research and development would have to submit ideas to the board. It is one of the fastest ways to grow and become a professional writer.

Why not become a writer today by having that determination to strive for excellence?