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Finding the Writers Within

By Ajala Abiodun

“the Pen is the nearest to the wig and gowns” -Gani Fawehinmi (SAN)

In the process of finding himself. He has discarded written materials, bulky materials, hard materials, things that could distract his vein not to lift his pen and his books. He has also discarded friends (bad associates) in other to move ahead and likewise unwarranted relationship and status quo. He had done all these in other for him to be light.

You would be criticized. Your work would also be criticized. But you just have to forge your dream of being a writer ahead. You don’t need to look down, but to look ahead. You have to have the mind set to succeed.

Even to yourself you would feel embarrassed at times, that what am I doing? is this suppose to be what I’m supposed or expected to be doing? While colleagues are making money and or some are aiming on the roof or penthouse of big company or being in an establishment.

These people are working under somebody else ideas. Someone is in charge of their lives (career) telling them what to do with penalty. If they fail to do so.

But as a pen man you are among top creators or channeling into a world of yours. A world of endless possibilities. Where you can combine different careers under the umbrella of PR. A world when you arrived at, the world both admirers and critique would rejoice with you. Though, your critique would appear till the ends of time. The moment you stop having critique, then your job as a writer has tarnished. We would advise you to drop your pen and search for other profession and leave the writers King-Queendom.

If you are not patient enough writing job would seem or sounds as a mess to you. If you are the type that like to compete for quick riches among your peers, the job would be stressful to you. You just have to believe in what you do. We repeat, you just have to spend your dollars and times, invest in books, pen, thinking, etc.

Richness doesn’t take too much struggle; it lies in our mind. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he, as he continues to think so he will remain. Think you’re rich, definitely money will flow in everywhere you want it to be. Your letters (ABC’s) are worth more than zillions of dollars and naira’s. So, press on.

Writing job is conscience job. It’s an inside job. It’s a job that you have to discipline yourself on. It’s not a job of write January and resume December. You must hold the pen everyday even though the thought, the inspiration, the ideas would come or not. This is one part of the definition of writing. The man in question is a Writer.

Who is a Writer?

A writer is a man of skills. A man that thinks and apply thinking to things (work) professionally. He’s not an ordinary man. He is an art man. He is a pen man, he is a man or woman that loves the job and in love with ABC’s. In love with letters. Worrying is never an option to him. A writer does much of thinking than worrying. Thinking is in a positive tense and lively up his spirit, mind and soul. Much worrying could be acclaimed to his critique, who sees nothing good in the pen man’s job. Some writers choose to worry when pressure summoned them; that what they have written is not good enough. Why not allow your write up to cause them to worry rather than causing you pain?

The First Time

Discouragement first come from within and later external sources. One of the golden rules of successful writing is to believe in yourself and not what others said about you (be it good or bad). Success like riches is an inside job, you express what you feel inside and later apply it to what you see in your surroundings.

When he started his first write-up sometimes around the 1990’s. He’d like hat he has done. But bringing it out for someone to go through was a shame (shyness) as he thought. He made the mistake of considering people into his talent. “it should have been me first” if the me that I know believe in me…he shouldn’t have care about people. I would have to say; You own your own life please.

He lacked motivation then. He admitted. By motivation, we mean positive sounds that comes from words. He did his first write up for HINT Magazine. The write up wasn’t published in his own name. the story as twisted, I strongly believe that.

Who is a Writer (Continue)?

…worry or worriness is somehow inevitable to human. But to a writer it should be with caution. Because you must not get older than your age. Remember the ABC’s that makes up our job never goes out of style or fashion less, the Englishman never goes out of style…they keep bringing in new wordings from it that we can’t even imagine e.g., DVD, AI etc. So, we are expecting you to look newer like the ABC’s.

Why should we worry as a writer? We don’t need it. Worrying would never change things because what is done is done. Worrying could only come into play if we want to fake it. Especially to those that doesn’t like us. Human being like seeing our situation to be a worrisome one. There is this happiness that comes to them. But people in a cruel world wouldn’t be happy seeing you smiling every time they see you (Psychology of writing). Its good to pretend that you are worrying especially when you are with people that reduces your energy and that doesn’t support your writing dream.

In candid, its good to be alone. Law of association count on this job. The people you spend times with would either take you up or drag you down in your writing life. Its good to be with the right people. Hatred, depression, distraction, oppression and too much confusion are things that could steal the goals of a pen man.

· Have you defined your goal?

· Why do you want to be a writer?

· What do you think you can write best?

· What do you want on this job? Money, fame and prestige?

· Are you ready to commit or devote?

· Are you aware of the danger of staying awake?

2 ways multiple…which ever way. A pen man could decide to be a writer, a Part time writer, occasional, seasonal, freelance, etc. if you know a PR! They are found everywhere, though it takes wisdom to know them. You can pursue your full-time career and making writing your part time hubby or vice -versa.

Writing is an idle talent. An idle job in which we derive our satisfaction. Every writer has his/her opinion on what he could derive on the job. Writing is good. Just believe in what you know.

You don’t just expect good write up all the way…you have to write and re-write. You have to wake up every night and write something. You seize time to do it. It’s a mind and conscience job. It requires you being discipline. It’s not good to wait for a perfect time or situation to write at times. Too risky. Write it. Even though it’s not perfect. Your job is to perfect the imperfect thought or consult an editor.

A Successful Writer

The following are what would determine whether you are growing to succeed.

1. If you think more than worrying on situations around, you. You are a great writer.

2. A successful writer is someone who cherishes books and inks than any other material objects.

3. A successful writer always imagines things before they become real.

4. A successful writer is someone whose books are exceeding his/her wears

5. A successful writer manufactures words in his/ her pen factory and sell them for either monetary or non-monetary value.

In my Place

We believe in what comes inside of us. We like to write as it is and not as it was. We do our writing in a unique way, without using the old tradition. We never waste around with thought. Because we’ve realized along time ago that ideas are like breeze. When you get it, make use of it! You have got to hold and pursue it with excellence.

Inspiration do come during quite time…something may seem useful to us e.g. the internet, T.V, friend, chocolate etc. but at times they could lead to distraction and affect our imagination and they could also lead to damage. For instance, being on social networking sites for too long could take so much time for someone who is currently working on a book especially if the book is meant for a contest or debate or project. To gain attention and avoid distraction one has to focus on something; one thing at a time. My write up., my write up and my write up. The distraction element should be visit back when you feel like having a break or something.

Music is one of the un-distractible elements that occur to writer. Without statistics majority would like to listen to music at the background of their work; cool or loud. music varies…having a disc man well built and a headset would help.

Traveling have been said about that it educates the mind. Any pen man that couldn’t write a note or a sentence during the process is facing mal-writers block.

You can’t get the job going if you are fixed to one environment. Your mind would not be at work. You may decide to travel or embark on a trip. While traveling, you would need to observe things that you can see and the unseen…some would hit your chest, some would pip your head. Observe people, things, object, etc. all these are art. You need to appreciate The Universe. Bring things into the combination of book and ink.

Literary Terms

· Poetic license

· Literary device

· Literary appreciation

· Writers block

· Idleness

· Write-up

· Author

· Publisher

· Copyright

· Prologue

· Epilogue

· Eulogy

· Poetry

· Prose

· Rhymes

· Wordings

· Figure of expression


There is a new course in writing. It is called ideology. It is synonymous to Thinkology. As a writer, you have to make the right use of your idle time. Idleness is good. Just as writing is good. Inspiration do come in time of separation or quiet time. Its not good at times to be with people especially when you are working on a project. People sometime could be a source of distraction to us and they may also be a source of inspiration as well.

Writers Centric

I like pen. I love books. I so much cherished the ABCs. The ABC is the best thing that has ever happened to my writing life. Without the ABCs my ink would be futile. Everywhere I go, I go with pen. I never passed the night without my pen and paper by my side.

The Writers 10 Commandments

1. Thou shall not send a common text message

2. Though shall not wait for a perfect time to write

3. Thou shall not steal other peoples work in a dubious way

4. Thou shall not borrow people’s ideas or knowledge without their consent

5. Thou needed more ink in your pen more than the blood that runs in thy vein.

6. Thou shall not expose thy golden work in a public flash drive, computer or open wardrobe

7. Thou shall believe in thy gods of Shakespeare, Wole Soyinka, Ola Rotimi, etc.

8. Thou shall be criticized so welcome it

9. Thou shall have thy scripture, dictionary, thesaurus

10. Thou shall not travel alone without thy books or pen or thought or wordings


What Causes Writers Block

1. The global economic and financial meltdown

2. Too much distraction

3. Boring environment

4. Improper use of idleness or lack of idleness

5. Too much unwarranted sex (Sex is good it helps the mind)

6. Over stress

7. Lack of concentration

8. Comfort zone