Finding The Writers Within. Uncut

5 min readJan 4, 2022


Finding the Writers Within. Uncut

Writing is a profession as it a career and talent. To write is be an Artistic and Scientific person.

Countless of Novels did I witnessed as a young boy back in the days. I saw my Sisters and Aunty reading bulky Novel like the way this generation watches movies. This is where most derive English usages from.

I read a lot. I read all kind of books that came my way. My passion for English Dictionary is second to none.

When I read, I always feel like expressing my self in word or in text.

I want to share my own stories. I want to share what I have seen in my immediate and imaginative environment.

How I became a writer is by nature. Before becoming a teenager, I have been writing. So, I started writing and sketching at the age of 13. I write all sort of things. I write and I discard.

I had no enough space to really do this. Writing work in a very conducive environment. Writing work where you have space. Writing work when your parents or associates really support what you are doing. If you cannot handle criticism you cannot write here in a black man world like my own country.

In some family or society and or culture in Africa, they don’t see writing as something that you can use to make a living. You would be look down on.

I heard my Uncle having a phone conversation with someone “he had better go and look for a lucrative job. He said he is a writer? Is writing a job? Can writing brings money to settle family issues? He is lazy”

When I heard my Uncles statement, it as if he is also referring to me. Because vividly, I just rounded up my NYSC and I went to visit him for months. Part of what I do daily is to squeeze time to read and write when everyone has gone to bed for rest. My room is full of books. It wasn’t quite long that I left a relative place. They refused me to have a stay in Ilorin. I always think I have had an ideal environment to showcase and promote my talent. My mission was to do more writing. Combine writing with work. I have ideas of sending writing to different magazine like Financial Standard and to do my own publication. It was tough for me. I had no house of my own. The man that scouted me was tough on me due to the woman that instructed her.

In the process of finding the writers within you have to discard load in other to move ahead. I discarded so many texts. I squeeze and shredded books that would have been useful. It was me and my Ghana must go bag. I kept some in my friend’s house in Ilorin. A house is not a home. A brother’s house isn’t your house. All in all, I became so strong. I write and I code. I share what was coded to inspire people.

When I started hearing people talking about Content I would be wondering if it is something technical. Many years ago, we call it writing. Many writers have written so many letters going unnoticed. Some peoples’ work has been stolen and plagiarized. We write poem and prose for free. Sometimes for contest. It was so frustrating that we write without earning. But at least many of us have impacted humanity through our artistic work of art.

Writing is being seen by many laymen as an idle work. The world is changing. The world believes so much in activities. The Nigeria perspective is that man must struggle by going out daily inside the sun and come home tired to show that he or she is making a living. The content writer job is conflicting with the traditional method of work. The Think and Grow Rich versus Work and Grow Rich. No profession is inferior to the other in as much you are doing it with passion and adding values to humanity.

Talent takes time. Writing takes time. Being in the right place at the right time also helps talent. In this age of internet, you can still be in the wrong place and write, share it and you would still feel fulfil.

Since the world has change from using pen and paper to using netbook and PC. Publications too has been impacted and many are going online to seek for information. The digital space is what makes writing a content. And there are many types of content.

If you are a writer. Regardless of how many years you have been writing. Keep reviewing and keep persisting. Do not give up. Your time would come. Write your own original stories. Unlike straight write up, stories are differential.

Writers need space to do their job. The economy is hitting. Bills has to be paid. A lot of pressure. So, saying that writing is your job in this time would not be that easy. To be on system daily typing and researching, the society would think you are doing something fraudulent on the internet.

The advanced countries thrive in writing simply because of their belief and mentality. So also, their interpretation of what they perceive from an event.

My chest is full of thought and there are no better ways than to share it. I have nothing hidden in my diary. The life of a coach is public. That is what the job entails. Whether you use first or second person pronoun to explain your thought is now left to you. Whichever way, you are communicating to your audience through your own lens.

Sometime when people share their pains or issues with me. I do feel like it occurred to me in writing prior before they informed me. I advise people for free. So, everything I see in reality are sometimes things that I have pen down on imagination. Writers think in vague and coherent ways.

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