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Advising Startups firms, fixing companies critical issues in the area of Operations and Developing business strategies for multinationals, personal brand and entrepreneur. These are part of what represent my profile. I had an MBA in Marketing. My views of work is work. I work with passion to see any given business thrive in the market place. Revenue marketing is my watch word. I have manage different people in my career and I have switched so many work on the ground of growth. My profile is always in demand. In the midst of friends I talk and share workable ideas. I do not see ideas as something to hide. In my personal life I am very calm, cool and so observing. This is the gentleman in me. I talk for business in as much money is involve. It is a bit stressful for me to talk in my personal life since I know I have to lead. People should watch me and model me. Since 2022 I have been working on freelance projects while trying bridge the gap in my CV. In this period, I have done Consulting for so many startups. I offer Digital Marketing and Growth Marketing as a service.
1. I have Freelance sales experience with Heirs Life Assurance
2. i did Freelance customer acquisition work for Jiji,ng
3.I was the Freelance state manager for Fair Money
4. I provided social media marketing for Home Express, Dawen signatures limited, Favor 4real kitchen, Benutech Hub, Okoro Dickson shop, Okezie Communication
5. I write on LinkedIn. I write articles and newsletter.
6. I write for The Blue Motive blog
7. I write for Medium
8.I write for the Good Men Project
9. I write for Teal Feed
10. I post content on Blogspot
I am very active on the internet doing online sales and marketing just to survive.
I am currently working remotely with Accelerated Service Incubator Lab ASIN 5 where I write content for projects.



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Freelance Content Writer on multiple projects. Experienced Business Development Exec with years of experience in Sales and Marketing.