How Men Can Use Storytelling to Overcome Stress in Life

4 min readApr 24, 2022

How to Use Storytelling to Overcome Stress in Life.

It is a well known fact that men are passing through stress on a daily basis in Relationship, career and in life.

There are prices to be paid in being a man. Where we stand in times of difficulty really matters. We just have to be a man when the going get tough. We need to learn to develop that instinct to know when to give up and when not to give up in things that are happening.

We keep lots of things in our mind. So many hurts on our cheat. Having a close friends to share our though with becomes so scarce. Some of these thoughts becomes worry. Some gives us depression. You see men Consulting healthcare and hospital on issues relating to Cardiac arrest.

To prevent sudden heart related issues, men best friend should be corrective thinking. By corrective thinking I mean be your own self guidance and counselor. We should try as much as we can to reach out to people who truly care about us personally. These people do not necessarily have to be in the same country with us.

In times of crisis I try as much as I could to read stories of great men who had failed in life. As a writer, I read scriptures. I go online to read stories and articles that people have shared.

Storytelling has made me a better man. I am never afraid to share what is happening around me. Once I do this I get relieved. Instead of reacting to some issues in life. I became proactive about them.
The shame of what people who think about us as really make so many men not to pen down their though in paper. Even if you are not a writer, learn to document some of your life event. Just write it anyhow you see it. Give it to someone to edit it for you. Read what you have written. Take some walk. Drink some water. Free your mind. And you would be fine.

Storytelling can help us to cope with so many obstacles. With Storytelling we can come out of life most pressing problems. It could be a Toxic work environment, broken marriages, fake friendship, dissatisfaction, domestic crisis, regret and so many more.

I do Storytelling on a daily basis. And people were like asking how do you come up with all these? It is about listening to the voice in our head. Listen to your heart. You are helping yourself out.
There are people in life that want to us to being up debates. I mean unhealthy debates. Men should learn to avoid such people. It could be your spouse, or colleagues at work and sometimes our bosses. Not everything in life need response. Some response can triggered violence. Some people are raised in a violence environment which they couldn’t help to avoid. The state of it still lives in them. Character ethics has to be built by every peaceful loving people. How you respond to crisis determine your level of maturity.

You can use Storytelling to analyses what transpire you into your present problem. How you picked up the wrong job. How you made wrong marriage decisions without knowing. How life has made you to mixed up associations out of your own conscious efforts.

There is nothing to be shy when it comes to accepting our reality. What is done is done. Tell your story as it is. It would help other men to improve upon themselves. Men need to be better and a better version of themselves for the society to be better. The leadership in humanity start with men.

Every books we read is a story of someone. Fiction or nonfiction. Many writes it out of passion and donated to charity. While some have made money out of their published work.

By using Storytelling we would be able to have a free mind. Our chest would be free. Our circulatory system would flow well. There would be less need to be taking drugs or thinking every pain in life need medical attention.

Good Storytelling can help builds healthy interpersonal and interpersonal relationships. How we communicate to our self and to others matters a lot in life. Communication can brings us up or down. So there is need for self care. Self care is to talk self out of some situation. No trouble would last forever if we have the right positive mental attitude. Having someone to speak with and without the person not falling asleep or pressing his or her phone during the conversation is a great gift of life. Having a friend to listen to you in times of problem is also a gift. Seeing human healing, helping and solving each others problem means greatness.

Talk your way out of your life problems by being conscious of everything. When it’s seems like you should go against value and good principle. Learn to say no to it. Choose a peace environment if you can.

Problem share is problem half solve. If you feel there are people you would not like to share your stories with then check the privacy policies and or settings on your social media application. Choose the right social media that is right for you.

Dear Readers, Storytelling has help me to take less drugs for pain. I share my pain on the media. Sometimes, they are imagination which I called imaginative kind of writing. Sometimes they are mine. And sometimes they are things that has happen in the society.

Storytelling would help you to be the leader of your relationship in life. This relationship could be the one at work, home and society.

The world need men to get out of crisis. We need peace of mind. And it is our duty to cascade this peace of mind to the family, society and social groups.

You will succeed.

Thank you.