How Startups are using consultant to improve and leverage for growth.

4 min readDec 4, 2023

How Startups are using consultant to improve and leverage for growth.

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Consulting is one of the big buzz words we have in the early 90’s and I must say the need for hiring business consultants to proffer solution to your business cannot be overlooked. By hiring a business consultant your business overall goals and objectives can be achieved.

Do I really need a consultant? Why should I hire a consultant when I can just google and look for some ideas on google search engine? Should I rather do it my own way? Should I make use of Generative AI and or chat gpt? These are some of the questions that many prospective clients, companies, and founders often ask internally and sometimes may be at event party.

I have written series of article and content over this space laying emphasis on the need to grow startups business with timeless ideas, principles, and techniques by a consultant. A consultant just like a manager are company’s doctors. They know when to prescribe and what to prescribe. What to do and not what to do in a certain or given situation. They help solves so many businesses dilemma that ranges from downsizing, mergers and acquisition, diversification and making critical business decisions like business expansion, international business, cost reduction strategy and how to maneuver the competitors in the marketplace. The list is endless.

Modern days business in the face of advanced technologies cannot be run with common sense. and we cannot solely depend on machine for accurate business decision. The business we are now is a very delicate one that involve careful business analysis. The human knowledge is still very much in demand. Hence, the need to complement both Human and Machine intelligence.

The news whether many startups are failing or whether they are not failing in business is not a new phenomenon. The story of startups failure has occurred even in the years of industrial revolution with notable story of Ford. Henry Ford fails several times in business because he didn’t just want to take one simple instruction; that every business need a manager. He doesn’t believe in management. and when it comes to Marketing angle Ford’s still made mistake on product planning. He said customers would buy it in as much it is black. His idea of mass production failed him. Ford failed several times in business until when his grandson revived the business back. Today when talking about success stories in business and or business literature we cannot left Ford behind.

Dear start up. Please pay attention. Listen to your managers and take the instruction of your consultant. Mistakes in business can be very costly. The earlier you realize the better.

I would like to tell every startup founder that the future of business belongs to them. They have every chance to grow more than the business of yesterday. Where multinational has failed, they can scale. And win the market. It’s all start with the right mindset and working with right consultant.

Business management work in a very mysterious way. You can have all the capital to start a business but not having enough ideas to see the implementation of it. And some other time you can have the ideas without the capital. This is where the ideas of funding come into play. Many startups are seeking for seed funding, venture capital, asset financing, angel investors and other incumbent services.

Some Startups are inpatient. That’s well understood. They need to cash out as soon they could. They would like to milk out cash being put into their startup business. Shareholders have expectations. And all eyes are on sales unit instead of, marketing. It is only a consultant that would tell you how to differentiate the sales and marketing unit. And you can align sales and marketing to work towards set goals and objectives. Then how you can integrate all units or department to work well as a system.

Getting it right with your startup can start with hiring the right consultant for your business. Whether you are a B2B or B2C companies. Whether you into real estate, tech space, hotel, FMCG and the rest. A consultant can cover every area of business for you.

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