How The Informal Group Forced Me to Resigned in The Telecommunication Industry. Storytelling for Professionals.

At some point in my career, I became so scared of this System. Should I call it a System or Evil System. The people in it are black. Black and desperate for power. Black with black magic hiding or masquerading themselves under the name of foreign religions.

I work in the Telecom industry for good bad many years plus. The experience was a like a movie. I acted it very well. I was really put to test. I did everything well and I was so excited to say the career had impact in the way I run my management and personal life.

I was forced to resign from the job. The reason wasn’t too clear to me. I choose peace over crisis. I told myself I just had to go. While I was working with this company, I find it difficult to meet up with some certain needs plus want. I struggle to pay my house rent. So, what is the point of fighting this informal group? It’s just time to go. When there is life there is job. If not, you would be short change.

So many things await me in the outside world. I left my wasted years. Even though it full of wonderful moments. I need no one to tell me not to call it wasted years. It is mine and not theirs or yours. I did so many successful projects with this firm. I change the approach in which sales management need to be done in a retail environment. All I could here is Ajala, well done. And when things go wrong on the part of my team, they would put the blame on me and I shall take it as business. Very interesting.

I started the operation of business for these guys from onset. I raised many teams. I turned their business outlet into a profitable venture. I couldn’t even think of going for a single leave. When it is time to go for leave, they would persuade me to hold on to assist them in seeing the completion of this project. I love working. And I am ready to take any insult from individuals and group that would blame me for that. I work and I work. No benefit. No pension. Nothing. These guys are nothing but a capitalist.

They believe the reward for hard work is evil. They believe when you work with them and you have known it all, the best thing is to allow you to go forcefully. Sometimes they would put allegation on you. Sometime they would use SIM replacement to set you up. They actually like doing things that are against company policy. If you can do same; fine. But do not be caught. I am member of such party. I do the right thing first time and every time. They really meant to deal with me without any concrete objective in mine.

When I join this company as a Contract staff. I was very glad to be working with professionals. Even though some of them are cunny and not being straight forward. I did everything the job entails. There are many lapses in the system. Godfather-ism and King maker’s reign. And even tribalism, racism and issue with whether you belong to a particular religion or not. Virtually everyone working in this company were appointed by an insider.

They get rid of their professionals. They ask some of them to go. The reason was officially internal known to them. Later they brought some young folks of semi-professionals. These set of new guys just draw their attention to my side. I don’t make noise. I don’t brag. I respect everyone. I even carry their bag if possible since Africa people like much respect.

The appointment of the regional manager was one of the turning point in this incident. He is the root cause of the incident. He is insecure. He doesn’t know anything about the job. His mission was just to get rid of anyone who is smarter or professional in the workplace. And so many rumor has been going on about me in the telco system that I make use of English Language like it is a biscuit. They call me Professor. They call me all kind of good names just to flatter me. Those things don’t sink to my head. I just work.

The regional manager makes changes in the supervision of work in my outlet. A lady was removed. I was managing the outlet. You can see that the system is not in the right other? How can a supervisor be at edge over a manager?

The idea behind their business is just to manipulate people. They have contract and permanent staff. Even the contract had some clause. But mind you the real objective set for this telecom business is quite different from what they are doing at the regional office. The head office I guess are full of professionals. Common you need to come and see how professionals in the telecom industry work at their GOP. Maybe it is misleading anyway or deceptive. But I can see still count on some professionals. The way and manner they talk to you and the rest.

The new guy that was appointed called Muri. Muri represent the informal group in the Workspace. Anyone who sees him should know that he was selected not by competency but simply by cultist. The regional manager himself is incompetent. Very incompetent.

Muri called me to the back door. He told me “Ajala, see you are a threat to me in this job…” I said how? I said” but you are the boss. And beside you are a permanent staff and I’m just a mere contract staff” Sir I’m sorry if you feel somehow about me. I would do everything possible to please you in this system. I would treat you like a boss. Trust me.

In this evil system. These guys would tell a lady to have romantic affair with them with under pay job. In this system, these guys would pour word of abuse on the contract staff and the contract staff would take it like that since they have no other options. The country is a mess. And I defend my staff in times crisis. Which I think is the job of a good manager.

I told Muri Asada that why are you sabotaging our team effort? Is there anyone you don’t like among my team? Why not let us call them to order? People are human. There mental health matters. Please stop treating them bad.

I never took this informal group so serious. They are really ready to deal with me. They feel intimidated by the way I work. They give me kudos each time I make sales. My outlet makes sales very well beyond their KPI.

Getting rid of a manager in the workplace must have an internal hand. The people we work with are also evil genius. You know as a manager you have to communicate to them on regular basis so that they would know what is expected of them in the business. Some of our past bosses are also having some unforgettable beef. They would stab at the back and they would claim that they are not looking. Anybody who is going shine and rise to the top, they are ready to cut him off. All in the name of work.

They are still friends and associates that knows the in-depth of this story on how these informal group ganged up against me. But they are yet to explain. But anytime I see them I saw it in their body languages. Even in their absence I can see it. These guys are from Sales and Distribution. Some are also from Customer Services and some other essential workers.

I was set up by Muri and his guys in the regional office. They even confessed it out. I wonder what kind of games they are playing and what they are trying to arrive with? My partner or franchise owners too cannot tell me if they are not part of this politics. Like I said office politics is something that is meant for kids. Very funny game.

I work with all might. I work for you guys even on Saturday and Sunday. I work like I have no life to live. Hatred is a very strong thing in this telecom firm. Hatred towards your colleague at work is very bad.

You guys have set me up on work related things but it’s didn’t work. I don’t take things that doesn’t belong to me in the workplace. I don’t do runs like many of you does. I don’t do sharp practices. And things that I don’t do my staff or team would not do. Not in my lifetime in that office. They can never try it. May be when I leave, they can start doing that. And as you can see immediately, I left your evil system many of them are doing their sharp practices. And you guys are comfortable with it. Only if they make a mistake and it’s triggered then you would turn back on them. Because you have to protect your well paid as a permanent staff or whatever level they have placed you in this job.

I was at one event at the regional office when I was called out to receive a Certificate of Recognition for Exhibiting for Vital Behaviors in the workplace. MTN Nigeria gave me some vouchers worth more than 10k with it. I used this 10k to buy things for my team. As one Security analyst said this Certificate is enough for me to be evaluated on the job.

I don’t really know what these guys are seeing that I am not seeing? I only focus on task. And I how I can use my Design Thinking to change pattern of work so that the company could progress. I don’t look at office politics as priority. I saw kids that I train on the job that were given upgrade in short time. Even when they cannot spell nor write properly. That is not my business because it is something that has being happening before I started working with you guys.

I did several job tests that they work against. The system preaches honesty and integrity but the staff are something else. Just imagine when one supervisor was asking me how I manage to get access to apply for internal job. And when one lady kept asking are you not the contract staff while I went to took a job test. What about the echo of the Human Resource partner in my mail that said although you passed but we are not going to proceed with your application authoritatively? Many of these dramas of not being straightforward.

They are very scared of me. They are scared of my silence. I only make use of talk when it matters. The essence of my talk is business. I train my staff. I communicate with customers. A d I think before I communicate and that make a whole lot of business in my job role. I was push out of the work with nothing.

The day those guys in Customer Relations insist that the partner should let me leave their Workspace. I was like on what ground? No reason. Nothing. They just want me to go so that they can enjoy their micro managing or management. I could be their boss anytime soon. They do anything. Just to copy and paste. Receive salaries. Insult junior staff. And do eye service.

I sent a mail to the incompetent Regional Service Manager to change the supervisor that I am working with. They turned the mail upside down. They were like how could a Contract staff be dictating to them. The outsource or franchise company let me to understand that Muritala Isa Asada is their cousin and they cannot tell him to go on my request. So, it’s better based on the meeting they had that I should go by resigning. They told me to back date my resignation letter.

They block my official line so that I wouldn’t have any explanation to give the investigating team or control room as regard incident of xenophobia South Africa protest that happen to the retail outlet. Which the course for protest doesn’t make sense. The outlet is own by Investors in Nigeria and not South Africa. But that is not a concern. We only need enlightenment.

The day I was asked to leave, the following day some group of hoodlums or protesters ventured into the office. They scattered office properties even the structure. My laptop, devices and some other tools were stolen. Many things were vandalized.

This I couldn’t comprehend. Could it be Karma? Could it be what The Don in Sales and distribution had sponsored all in the name of getting me out of the system? Because these guys can go extra mile and do anything to just get me out of the work. I never knew that I am good on this job. This guy found me. They bring out the genius in me. Absolutely brilliant. I appreciated them much.,

Because aside from using several methods to set me up. They use the daughter of a driver in the company to also set me up. This lady in question was having dating or romantic affair with the sales and distribution guy. All in the name of what? How much are they paying me? They don’t even know if I am happy on the job. I respect police that very day. These guys are intelligent on their job. While some of them had to tell me to leave this telecom job if I like myself. That this set up is being fuel and sponsored from the informal group in MTN Nigeria. These informal group use souvenir to buy the loyalty of a family.

Even customers have forewarned that I should leave this system of work. I am too big for them. I am limiting myself by staying with them. But I don’t allow all these compliments to get in my head. Because I believe in timing and direction. And when the time come, I would shall leave the job.

There was a day some Senior managers came to visit my outlet. This informal group have to hide me. They introduced themselves as the managers and controller of the shop. But that is their way. I work and they take the glory. I don’t care. Whatever I do goes to my CV and my personality still stand perfect.

At this point in my career, I am not afraid of expressing myself. I want young professionals to learn and to grow. I write useful content. I became so glad that once upon a time in my CV I have been a successful manager. Iconic manager. I’m a Genius.

Is it worth reporting? Many said it worth it. But I told myself I have much to do with my life. These are cultist. They can kill for airtime money. They are desperate. I’m just catching my fun writing this.

But all in all, it was a very painful thing working all these years for these guys. With all the hard work and sacrifices they did all manners of shit to me. It would have been better if they call me and pay me off to go and start my own business or whatever I feel is ok for me. Psychologically, emotionally and mentally I am strong. That is why you see me writing this.

Why did you leave your previous job? I left my previous job simply because I am genius. Just imagine how I turn a garage into a shop. A shop into an office. Before you know I made it a conglomerate. They can never be another me. My name is a brand.

The TQM or the Quality Assurance guys are very corrupt. They are scared of the godfather in the workplace. The IT guys too I cannot trust them. They work against making my outlook not functioning each time I need to receive an important update.

Our workplace in Nigeria is becoming something else. If not check it could generate into chaos. They pride themselves making money as their service offering is necessity as they think to the populace. I smile. They need to understand the mystery of business management.

The story would always continue.



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