How to Stop Writing by Unknown Fallacy

1 min readJan 29, 2022


How To Stop Writing. Who is going to buy a book like that?

My baby ask me to reduce the way I think. I said how possible? The moment we stop thinking how do you expect us to write? If you must write, think. If you must do a mind blowing thinking hold your pen…great are people thinking on paper or note pad.

It good to have someone who cares about you said Dent. I have informed him about this.

I want to stop writing for real. But where do I start from? Where? There is no starting point. Or else you might end up ending up blaming yourself to have gave up on the sweetest sensational craft in the universe.

For real my baby is right. Writing suck. It drain. It shapes and reshapes one into the fittest order. But we must not stop writing. What we should do is to go on break.

To be continue…