Human Resource Manipulation. How Individual Become Heartless in Dealing with The Workforce.

4 min readNov 9, 2022


Human Resource Manipulation. How Individual Become Heartless in Dealing with The Workforce.

Do not waste peoples’ time for your own selfish gain. Do not use people and let them go without you paying them their wages and or salaries.

Many of us that understand The Concept of Work knew that Human Resource is going to be abuse. We enjoyed Personnel Management more than the modern days Human Resource.

We have so many guys using that Title HR. I am yet to see Human Resource guys that doesn’t have manipulative behaviors.

Many Startup business owners are using people to their own personal advantage. This is not really a good thing. You hire people to achieve your small business goals and objective. Only for you to deny them of their pay.

The opposite of Management is Manipulation.

Many Nigerian companies are looking for who to use and dump. They always look at the area of Marketing. And that is much reason why they couldn’t differentiate between Sales and Marketing.

Those who are into Human Resource Management are those guys from academic discipline that has nothing to do with management.

Management does not call for using your brain on people. People who make use of brain call themselves Strategist. No. it is childish to use brain on people.

Time wasted cannot be purchase again.

Startups firm should not have absorbed more than they can cater for. Bringing people together to work for months and owing them salary is very bad. Even when client’s funds are coming in for you. When people feel cheated. They would never forgive you.

The Human Resource guys should try and revisit or visit a Text Book called Personnel Management. Human are not object. And such must be treated like Human.

And as for The Startup founder who feel he should use tactics on people just to achieve his or her own personal gain should rethink his faculty. Do not toy with this field called Management.

All areas that has to do with Recruitment must be carried out with a pure heart. An offer letter is not a play document. Whatever is written in it must be fulfilled. Explain the concept of Gross and Net salaries to your employees. Stop doing abrakatabra on issue related to these!

Some companies do not pay the pension of their employee as at when dues. Some do not make attempt to pay it at all. Some companies swallow employees benefit like who is going to arrest them or hold them accountable?

The Human Resource Unit is becoming too powerful without check. They work in conjunction with The Finance Unit and those Informal Groups.

All the content in the job advert are not what we come to see. Job content and offer letters are becoming more of scam.

Why on earth should we even give the Job of HR to the guys that study Agriculture or Electrical Engineering? What kind of environment are we really operating?

Company Crisis and Toxic workplace phenomenon emanated from HR. They are the root cause. Employee cannot even express their Grievances.

The Informal Group in the Telecom firms delegated the job of Human Resource to The Quality Assurance Team just to frustrate the efforts of those staff at the button. These QA guys act on instruction and nothing do they know about Peoples Management.

I would never be part of The Team that uses people, cheat people and dump people. How would you feel if people use you for task and you didn’t get paid appropriately?

The brain of Boss in Nigeria can be traced to the state they came from. Stop all these bad habits.

I am tired of seeing people getting frustrated from the task or work they do.

Whenever I see HR what comes to mind is manipulation. How long would these continue?

The reasons why we have Human Resource Manager is to ensure we have the right people with the right skill set doing the right task. We need office harmony. We need happy workers. We need good ecosystem.

Manipulation would not take our Companies anywhere. Every start up should note this. Any startups whose aim is to manipulate shall keep having bad reputation.

Pay people what they are worth. Stop all these cutting of peoples pay.

Dear HR, stop working in conjunction with the bad managers whose aim is to deduct employee’s salary just to buy him or herself fuel or launch. Ensure you pay your employee their full salaries.

Your essence or objective of being in HR is not to cut employees money. It goes beyond that. Ensure we have office harmony. Also ensure people are doing the right thing. There are strategic Human Resource Role like Sexual Harassment, Conflict Management, Conflict of Interest, Labor relations and Exit interview that you should be dealing with.

Rather some of you guys fit you should be Human Resource Manager in other to use your political brain to hurt your staff. You are damaging your company’s productivity, public relations and overall KPIs.

Please pay attention to your job. The starting point has never been HR. Personnel Management was a favorite. We all love it. The change name is “Old win a New Bottle”

It makes no sense suffering employee in your organization. It doesn’t make any damn sense for Startup founder using people to get a job done and be drawing up nonsense commission structure.