Is Content Writing Difficult?

No task can be considered to be too simple and no task can be considered to be too difficult.

Hence, everyone’s has the specialty on their own job.

Content Development is one of the best job any freelancer would ever recommend for an individual that is looking for freedom or a shift from 9 to 5 job.

But do you consider Content Development to be easy or just a mere writing? Content writing is hard. It becomes easier along the line when you start writing more content. The more content you come up with the better you would become on the craft.

I had a whole long day working on Content for a FINTECH firm. It is a remote job anyway.

I work all day long and someone told me this is time wasting. I had to tell him it is not time wasting. Rather it is time consuming. And you when you write great content for clients, they would consume the content like it is salad cream or chocolate. That sounds sweet.

For us to excel in Content Development and Strategy. There is need for us to be consistent with it.

It is what you do on a daily basis that would determine where you would be position tomorrow.

I could remember many years ago when I used to write Concept Note, Feasibility study, Business Plan and Web content for my Boss for free. I did it for free because I know one day I would be earning for a living.

Today I am so grateful for the creativity I have found in using my pen and imagination.

Content is the key in anything we do in The Digital World.

Do not get discourage. Just keep pushing. I know we all have bills to pay. Especially me or we in Africa which the environment is so hard on Creativity.

Thinking is a hard job to do. And that is what content is. Content requires thinking for the brand you are writing for. Putting yourself in their shoe and watching the brand succeed in the marketplace. That means you have done a great job.

Always Keep It Simple Smart-KISS.



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