Organizational Behavior Series.

10 Problems Encountered by Women in Management.

Organizational Behavior Series.

Problems Encountered by Women in Management.

1. Men are likely to attribute women’s success to their romantic or sexual influences over their male bosses-rather than attributing success to women’s competencies

2. Men tend to see their career fields as less powerful if women are in the same field

3. Men expect business and pleasure to mix at the workplace

4. Men will often punish other men who recognize women as equals, who team with women to succeed in business

5. They will often emphasize a woman’s physical and personality traits over her intellectual capacity or business sense.

6. They exhibit hostility toward women in positions of power or women seeking power positions

7. They will delay hiring women until they are forced to by their superiors and they often hire women to meet quotas rather than they believe them to be an asset

8. Men often say that they prefer working with men because it is harder to “understand” women. Yet, they seldom exert any effort in trying to understand women.

9. They resist women’s participation due to either (a) perceived economic threat (they think they’ll be less likely to get a promotion if there are more women in the workplace (b) fear of women’s power. That is, the fear emasculation) and © beliefs that they are superior to women.

10. They also believe that women lack interest in achievement and that they’ll eventually want to leave their career to get married and raise a family.

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