Organizational Crisis in Turbulence Time. What the So Called Senior Managers Derived from Setting People Up in an Organization.

3 min readJan 25, 2024

The reigning thing in an organization is Set Up. Many employee has lost their job and at times image through these. As it applicable to individual so it does to company. De-marketing and tarnishing a brand are also a wider problems.

Hatred and racism still flourishes in many company in Africa. Managers are not doing anything about it. You see false accusation and envy are affecting not just Managers in a company but also Religious leaders,Senior pastors,Team Leaders and so on.

Even if it means that modern company are set up on Mafia ground,Clique and Caucus. Incompetent person becoming Manager. Organization is a very strong world. Like society everyone must pass through it.

In getting to the top you would encounter challenges. Adversity reveals a man to himself.

I have this kind of self-esteem that can make any boss with low self esteem feel intimidated.

Most of the crisis that happens within an organization context were being fueled by people inside it. That is a fact. This is not a dogma. As a Management scientist we don’t believe in dogma. Anything that is not subject to analysis is called Dogma.

I over head a retail supervisor telling one of his team member that he actually set up their manager. Set up to make a mistake that would made him to loose his job or reputation in the workplace. People are our asset. People are our liability. People are also the greatest misery on earth. The challenges is just to keep nice to them no matter what.

Why would a company Supervisor be setting up his Team member and be calling that a misery shopper? This is an abuse on a noble profession. Anybody that can set you up can harm you. If you don’t want an employee on your pay roll. Kindly tell them to go. Rather than acting childish.

I have seen an employee in a different division promoting scandal for no reason. This is alarming.

Most of the issue we are having in the field of Management are actually coming from folks from other discipline like plant science,non-related field and so on. Coming to the world of management should be so strict. If you don’t have knowledge about a field of study take a course on it. An adequate one. its so funny to see someone that cannot sell pen in Sales. Its so funny to see someone who practice trick,cunny and manipulative behavior in Customer Service.

What do managers derived or gain when they tend to frustrate life out of their employee? The answer is silly and it simple. Lack of maturity.

An organizational crisis is anything which could:

  • Threaten a major product line, business unit
  • Damage an organization’s financial performance
  • Harm the health and well being of consumers, employees, surrounding communities, or the environment
  • Destroy the public’s trust in an organization, its reputation and image

People misuse the power being given to them in an organization. They seems not to be reading their job descriptions and specifications. Rather they focused on issues which has nothing to do with their company business objectives and goals. Using people and manipulating them. Using their subordinate hand to touch fire.

I fear nothing in a complex organization or Small Scale. There is power in PR. Power to tarnish and the power to revitalize.

Company should check how power is being throw and used in their jurisdiction.

Managers on their own part should remember Trust is hard currency. No one to trust. you see scandal there and there. And you would be wondering where is it coming from? People from the top has brain washed those they feel they can used with naive and erroneous notion. Because they feel they have the resources.

Crises are often unexpected because:

  • cognitive limits: we can’t foresee everything, and can attend to only a limited number of tasks, threats and priorities
  • the events/trends we can and do foresee can often be mitigated and thus prevented from becoming crises.
  • denial and other psychological responses provide protection for our emotions.

The next line would take us to a big topic in Organizational Behavior called SH.

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