Pick The Thought. Scattered Thoughts

5 min readJun 1, 2024


There is so much I can do with this cigarette rather than just letting it go to waste. It pains me to see someone older or elderly not having the right sense. Growing up now feels more like abuse than ever before. Who is there to guide the younger ones? If writing content daily is what it takes to stay healthy, then I think I better do it. However, this thing we call content is being misused on the internet. Content writing has gone wrong in Nigeria.

This music sounds familiar, like something I’ve heard before. This is one reason many of our songs in Nigeria couldn’t make it to the Grammy Awards. To win a Grammy, one must be original. If you are to lift a song or someone’s work, you have to give credit to the owners.

Why did I find myself in this mess? Why do things we don’t want in life occur? I dislike divorce and broken homes. My mission has always been to help people fix broken marriages. I value the unity essential in human relationships, but some things in life are inevitable. Divorce is not for the weak; it is for the strong. I have read many biographies and personal stories of great people in music, art, and soul. The story of divorce is often inevitable. We need to get it right and keep moving forward.

Try and find someone to talk to. We all know how difficult it is to find someone to share your innermost feelings with. What people know about you is what they will use against you, but won’t you go ahead and share anyway? I know how painful it is to be betrayed and to find out that the friends we have are only out for themselves. Their main objective is simply to use us and dump us.

I just spoke with my friend, whom I sometimes call my best friend. She is someone I can tell anything to, no matter how dirty it could be. The rate at which people are dying is on the rise this year alone. I told her that people die of depression. Depression kills faster than hunger. Just imagine the life of someone who is not in tech. There is a difference between pressing phones for fun and romancing phones. For the latter, you are lucky. Dating tech in this cruel world with low trust is still far better.

You can be in the midst of people and still be lonely. You can be in a relationship where there is food and sex and still be lonely. Effective communication in human relationships is essential for growth. All the vitamins, minerals, and multivitamins we need to live a healthy life lie in finding the right partners, true friendships, and the right workplace.

Imagine if you were like me and worked with people you like and in a job you love. How do you expect someone who loves their work to fall sick? Loving your work will not even make you want to take a single leave.

Marriage has become more of a scam now than ever. We are scared to leave and let go of what is not working. We have spent millions of naira on weddings only to find out they were nightmares. We are just afraid to leave because of what society will gossip or say about us. Many here are gay or lesbian in private but don’t want to announce it.

Why do we wear chains on our left or right leg? We are yet to explain this to the populace. For me, I just saw ladies wearing it and followed suit. My girlfriend said it’s just fashion. But you need to know what you want and understand why you are doing this.

How do you ensure you don’t marry a lesbian as a wife? I would be glad if she told me she is a lesbian before I marry her rather than finding out later. That could hurt. I know I like kisses, and probably a lesbian could give me the kisses that will make me melt.

To help my health, I just have to hang out with a series of ladies at different times. I need to do this to help myself. Spending 10k on a lady just for a date will save you from long-run regret. Get to talk and know her. In the same way, I can get a lady for less. How amazing it is to know that some strippers are still far better than those girls we intend to date? It boils down to how we reason. Some prostitutes are so clean and respectful. Both the ladies that claim to be holy and the ones that claim to be streetwise deserve that we use protection. Either or both can give us an infection. It’s never written on the face. And we have men who are not ready to take their personal hygiene seriously.

I respect boundaries, which is why you have been seeing me respecting myself enough. But how do you reason? Your level of reasoning can be affected by the people you spend time with. Another form of depression is not getting enough sense from people whom you think could give you some.

Each time you call me on the phone, my energy drops. After each call, I ask myself, “What was this call about? What impact did it have on me?” We have every right to select and pick the calls that we want to. I go where I find peace, even though peace is not guaranteed.

Have I shared the story of greed with you? Some girls like being raped naturally. There are some humans amongst us who don’t enjoy sex naturally. All they need is to be victims of circumstances. Dear readers, life is short. That statement alone should make you share. Share and leave greed aside.

I write extensively. I share on Twitter and WordPress. I don’t care about likes and comments. I just want to impact someone with my content.

People just need someone to be tagged. We need to raise people to understand the concept of love. The lady she once helped was part of her downfall. We need to be very careful about who we help. Some people don’t have a heart. Their concept of money and material things erases love.

There are trust issues everywhere. We do not know whom to trust. How much do you think a human life is worth in this cruel world? How long do you want to keep working in an organization where people wear rings on their right hands just to shake hands with evil intentions? Don’t you think you are tying your destiny down by staying here?

Dear brothers, sisters, friends, family, and haters, I want to use this medium to appreciate all the bad things you have done in my life and also the few good things. To cousins and colleagues, you guys are not left behind. You all constitute humanity. You have the power to stab at the back and claim you are not looking. I know it is business. May you get your reward in full.