Princess. Tribute to The Great Omo Olofa Mojo.

I just have to pause this music and face a different business.

But still the I’m hearing the echoing of Boyz II Men from her far; Songs for Mama…

Princess rescued her three young children from the flaming fire that very night. How she did it was amazing!

She backed the youngest at the back and with her two arms she grabbed the other two…even from their deep sleep.

A princess is a warrior. An harmless winning soldier. A kind being.


Princesses are the pillar of the world…she is everything that has ever happen to the…

…grateful one.

She left all her valuable properties to be threatened by the flame and not her priceless kids.

All what she had with her when she heard the compound people clamoured in the hood was her wrapper;

she didn’t put on a material thing. Princess deserves honor.

Without her talent wouldn’t have exist and no one would have had the opportunity of knowing Africa…

Good time we had with her…beautiful princess,mindful,full of life,caring,hard working,compassionate,long curly hair,good in dressing,smooth …

and lovable skin…every one did not have access to the ground but we all must go into the sand one day.

Good Princesses has gone…the opposite good sometimes last long.

Princess may not come back?

There might be another world some where??? Said B.B king of the blues…

Sir,are u joking or singing? I believe you are to some extent.

Life is but a dream. Life is whatever we saw it to be when she left…

Many many life lesson she taught us.

She once said that we should not wo aago alaago sa ere; suru ni ere pupo!!!

…patience is virtue.

We should also know the child of whom we are! Sound advice!

In everything we should give thanks.

Material things she have in abundance but never a priority over her children stomach.

She kept just little good friends.

It’s a big privilege that I am writing dis for the Princesses…

She is the Iyeru okin,omo olofamo jo!

Offa is the home town of The Princess…and it never ends there?

They may be in other places in Africa? Of course they are! Time to go back to my stereo…have a nice weekend.




Freelance Content Writer on multiple projects. Experienced Business Development Exec with years of experience in Sales and Marketing.

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Freelance Content Writer on multiple projects. Experienced Business Development Exec with years of experience in Sales and Marketing.

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