Repositioning or New Year Resolution? Be Your Own Superstar in This New Year

1 min readJan 3, 2022


Repositioning yourself in this new year would make some part of your success.

Other things too do count. Things like character. You can pray a whole words but if don’t work on your character…all you still see is the same result.

Success is character. You need to start projecting the character of what you would like to become. If your dress culture is that of footballer becoming a lawyer won’t be easy. It means you are a footballer. Dress for what you want.

Act the way you want. Character is a culture. After attaining that culture…check where you are position. Are things really working there or not? Are you achieving the result you really desire? If No you still need a change. Don’t be satisfy with the status quo. Break all limitations. You need a great change.

Leave where things are not working and go and live where things will work.

Dear reader,this is called repositioning. In this new year,repositioning might be what you need to get all the desire in your chest. Don’t do things the way you have been doing it. Take charge of your life by adopting a new pattern.

New Year Resolutions are easily forgotten.

Set Goals.

Have a plans.

Reposition yourself.

You will succeed. See you some other time