Society Re- enlightenment. Why We Need to Read Books.

3 min readApr 16, 2022


Society Re- enlightenment. Why We Need to Read Books.

This is the real world and the real thing. This is the internet age that has helps in chasing away hardcover books that we would have been using in solving most societal problems.

We are living in the era of quick fix. We have no time to read books. There are books that aid relationships and marriages. Rather we are on the internet looking for micro blogging and status. These are actually look but they do not provide in-depth to what we want.

The internet is full of misleading, conflicting and helping information. We are being distracted. There noises and we do not know what to do. This thereby is leading to distraction.

There is power in books. But we seem to overlook it. And there is much we can gain if we visit blog site like WordPress. Many writers have turn to content with lesser words in other to entice their audience. This is simply because no one want to read a lengthy article.

So, this is the reason why we have to share relevant and useful content that where readers can easily find solution to their findings.

Reading educates the mind. Reading is like traveling round the world. You would be able to see other people’s lens through reading.

There is missing information in the world that we can get reading text. Hence the need for us to cultivate this habit.

A reader is a leader. When we have leadership, we would be able to guide the society that we live in. the thought that everyone of us have if documented can change the lives of others.

If someone in Ireland wrote his thought on paper and published it. And someone in Nigeria read it and put it into practice. If what he read has change the course of his life. That means the writer in Ireland has done a great art of work. Now imagine how many people the Nigeria reader would disseminate the information he had found in the book to?

This is the way we can change lives. Communication can be improved beyond just using instant messaging found in our smartphone. We should remember the power of the pen and paper. Though published in text stays in mind and helps us in the way we reason.

There are books on Amazon, Kindle, E-bay and other online sites. What is needed is planning. We need to plan our time. Let us strike balance between the internet and our reading time.

There is no doubt that technology has come to stay. But should Artificial intelligence beat our Human Intelligence. Human reasoning is beyond comprehension. We are human and not robot. We need to stay on top of the game of being human.

The world needs our words for it to be a better place. Write your thought today. Share it with people. if you can think, think. When you think deep make sure you write deep. Let us help self and humanity.