Story Flow

3 min readDec 31, 2021

Something amazing happen to me in recent time.

Just too embarrassing as I tagged it.

I was posted to work in a branch…

It was 10:10am, I went downstairs to microwave my food…

I don’t just know what even took me there…

The Laboratory Supervisor came towards me and asked; what is it that you are doing there? “This is not time for launch” I replied; “Sorry about that Sir…but Sir, This is breakfast and not launch” The Laboratory Supervisor shouted ” Then why are you touching my microwave?” I smile. I asked him” when is the best time for breakfast here” The admin walked by and meet him.

In all these scenario I just kept smiling in his present. I had no face mask on at that moment. I smiled at the whole situation.

In my years of managing and considering humanistic aspect of work, I had never stopped any of my team from going for their breakfast. I encouraged staff to do that. The culture of work is there. A senior manager always encouraged us to drink water to have more gas in us. “Eat and eat healthy…if you fasting that is a different thing”

I had this knowledge and this person doesn’t have it. I acknowledged differences and I respect boundaries. Micromanaging…

With all these smile, a colleague called me from another branch just to say Hello. I picked the call and burst into tears.

I cried not because of the situation. I did that because of reflection. I reflected on where I am coming from.The years of being a Contract staff for Multinational firm. Growing them in terms of revenue. The rise and fall in my job title. Even when I knew job title is nothing. Money matters. Wouldn’t you like to be a Junior staff and be earning higher? But whose manager in Nigeria would even allow you to earn more than him?

Job title, choice of jobs and earning aside. I think we need to have respect for self and respect for each other. Learning how to communicate the right way is not going to be a day gift.

I’m very good at communicating difficult situation. Part of my Design Thinking is to ensure I make life easier for my workers. I maje sure I provide everything they need with support from the management. If the management fail to support we support ourselves.

At some point in our career we would need to downgrade jobs, job title,where we stay and most likely where we work. But one thing as I said last month is that we should never “downgrade our Thinking” if I had downloaded my thinking I wouldn’t have share this with you guys. I infact immediately wrote an Article on the Net titled ” Introduction to Business Management. The Science Student Guides ” Guess what I feel much much relieved. I choose my response.

I also share this scenario to put I look upto. They99⁰⁰⁰ gave me amazing discussions, not even advise. They encourage me. I share the story to about 6 to 7 people until I felt I’m satisfied. And I snapped cool selfie 盧.

A working place is a terrible place to be. And it can become an amazing place if we can truly understand how work works. We need to understand the science of mood. Our relationship should be that of win-win. Body languages hurt human relationship at work. A whole of lot of burden on our chest that we refused to pour out can lead to Micromanagement.

It is very easy to behave yourself into a situation than behaving yourself out. In the end, no one is responsible to be blame but me.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In those choices lies our growth and happiness”.

Many thanks to colleague,boss and friends for your support.