Technology and the Job of the Future

4 min readJan 25, 2024

Technology has been defined as the application of science into industry.

Technology is a very bad thing. It’s driving the world crazy from scarcity to abundance.

Technology is an onward thing.

Yesterday innovation was obsolete. Today’s invention is trends.

I had 3 hours encounter with my customer yesterday. My customer needed a bold 6 Blackberry phone. I believe marketing is healing humanity; not manipulating them. Customers know what they want by their instinct and referral. We here are consultants and we can be a good support by keeping them informed on what is best for them in terms of technology.

My customer purchased a Blackberry Z10 for one reason bold 6 was a verb. Blackberry Z10 is the present tense. The Blackberry anthem keeps moving while the Apple anthem is forward-thinking. Blackberry Z10 has many great features like internal memory, multi-tasking, front camera, word suggestion, PPT, and so on. What is gone is gone. Bold 5, bold 6, touch 2…they are verbs. Upgrade means coming to the BB 10 series. There are certain functions on the BB 10 that you can’t find on the BEOS.

What is marketing? Marketing is education. How best can you tell my customer to buy your product? Even when the price is higher compared to the open market? By being creative. Knowing what a phone does alone can connect you with a potential buyer.

We are very fortunate to be at the center of resources. How do we make the right use of it? By asking technical questions. By testing technology. By consuming technology. By dropping and adopting gadgets. Most importantly, by knowledge sharing with others on what you know about IT.

We need to reinvent ourselves and let people know that we are working with an ICT firm. Customer service might go the way technology is driving us. What would remain is customer support. Technology would challenge you to what are you servicing. When the only thing you do is to support me.

Every day I always ask my customers if they have MTN security numbers. The security number is a bit alarming for all CCRs. Look at how automation took over jobs during the Industrial Revolution. Hunnn…the ATM has chased many bankers out of the office. What would happen if the ATM starts receiving cash? It can’t be an impossible dream.

With the MTN security number, my customers can serve themselves without having any interaction with any agent. My customer can do virtually everything that a CCR can do on a good day. The business world is changing dramatically. We are in an era of cutting costs and increasing revenue. Look at what an ordinary 4-digit pin is going to turn my customer into; extraordinary CCR. CCR needs to work like a professional at the center because messing up with work would attract sanction by technology.

Things are changing. Change is changing. Where is the desktop? Where is lap top? Even the computer we are using can be replaced by a tablet and business can be carried out at your fingertips. Business can be done at your fingertips. Business is changing process. Upgrading of equipment, downsizing of the labor force, cutting cost, increase in demand on Knowledge Management and productivity, etc. who owns the future? What is the job of the future?

Since I have been managing my team in the Connect store, being blunt about corporate dealings makes us better. Those who listen, I appreciate. I preach selling.

Selling is the job of the future. If you are better at it while working in an organization like this. You would be better without it. Honestly speaking, selling is good. Selling is not when a customer walks up to you and buys. Selling is when you learn to talk, be real, put a smile on your face, and be cheerful. Selling is partnership…ability to build relationships across all boundaries. Selling is not how much they are paying me. Selling is not I can’t go the extra mile shouting buy. Oh no…selling is a creative game. You win, you lose and you win!

Acknowledging that marketing is what we do every day by educating our customers on various products and services. Technology is our tool and selling makes us earn a living.

My fellow teammate, a single course on computing can change our view of the world and make us stand out. Nevertheless, what are you selling?

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