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Biography of autobiography

Organizational Crisis is part of a normal life. Sometimes when crises happen in our personal and professional lives, tracing the sources would be somehow difficult. Where did I go wrong? Who could be behind this office drama? Could it be a colleague at work? Could it be from external sources? Or is it coming from top management? But believe me, most company crises are being sponsored within. It has an internal hand in it. But we need to learn not to Trust Anyone in our workplace. It is people who know you well that can set you up. There is no smoke without fire.

Our mafia voiced out movie-wise; “This genius has worked with us for a very long time. And he is becoming more powerful day by day. He is very good in his job role. If we continue to keep him in this seat, he might likely take over us. If he takes over us our job would be at stake because we knew nothing about this job. The only thing we know so well on this job is our selfish interest, how we can make money, how we can use people to our advantage, how we can run the affairs of our clique, how we can spoil the image of anyone that tries to grow in our company and we can do things in the wrong way that the management did not see as being wrong. So, we would need to send a member of the team called Mr. Superman to frustrate the work life of this Genius.”

Does your company set their employee up when they are fed up with them? What is the gain in it? What do they derive? Several managers have been set up and have been pushed out of their workplace through force accusations. Some have been chased out of their workplace because the business owner feels he should hate them. Some have been sacked on the grounds of dating their boss’s girlfriend which folks in the HR unit should have worked on both the boss and the employees. And take the necessary disciplinary action. Some have been forced to leave their jobs because the business owner doesn’t want to pay gratuity or compensation or cannot continue to maintain the employee salary. Some want to cut costs by looking for cheaper by the dozens.

The guys who work in Total Quality Management are not doing their work to the fullest. They are being controlled by the Mafia. And so many managers too are in the act of not discharging their duties beyond the jurisdiction of their godfathers. Our workplace issues are becoming worse by the day. There is a limit to which we exhibit candor. Power is being seen as a birthright. And we are running a company like the way our politicians run National affairs in the country. Greed coupled with corruption.

Let us send a lady to meet this genius for a transaction. If he failed to do it, we would sanction him. And if he attends to the lady, we will raise an allegation that he has made a mistake on his job. The mistake would be tagged, and it would cost him his job. We just want this Genius out of the system before it’s too late.”

“We don’t have anything to offer him. There is no transfer neither do we have a promotion for him in our space of work”.

Genius: “Madam we would not be able to proceed with this transaction. We need to do what is right as stipulated by the management and regulation. An attempt to do the contrary would be a mistake for our company image and revenue. It may lead to sanction”. The regulations are watching.

The lady being sent by this gang insisted she must do it. That Genius must do it for her. The scene looks very suspicious. She puts on a mini skirt and almost goes half-naked to seduce Genius. But Genius is too disciplined. Common. Mr. Superman even confessed at some point that he had been sending numerous people to that branch to carry out fake transactions, but it hadn’t been working for them as a group. They aim to look for faults and get rid of Genius and maybe his team.

Genius is a good manager and very effective in the way he handles corporate life. But it is very hard to win a group. No one individual can win Government or a state.

Genius was invited by guys in the TQM or Quality Assurance. Superman too was there. They set up video and camera. They record every conversation. They gave him a warning form to fill out and sign. All in the name of not attending to someone they sent to him for set-up purposes! These are the crazy things that are going on in modern-day companies unnoticed. A visionary person suffered hard to form a business. All her efforts on business are not being followed instead they form a company in a company as if it is their efforts that form the corporation. I doubt if that is how they behave in the Head of Office of this firm. The people at the head office are professional. At least 40% of them. That’s fair enough.

You would see how companies maltreat Nigerian graduates as if they were in the factory. They would deduct their staff salary for an offense that is not justified. They suspend people. They do work without pay patterns. They downgrade someone heading a unit to be a follower and uplift their girlfriend over the other person. And if you see this group, they have nothing meaningful to offer in business. They only join a company just because of monetary value. They cannot define the process of work and not talk about solving critical company problems.

Countless setups and issues coming on and on to the Genius. You see when the issue in the workplace is getting too much for a manager it brings creativity for him. Problems make us a better person. But a point would come whereby you would want to call it quit. How do intend to concentrate at work when the people you work and co-work with are having hatred towards you?

It is very difficult to get rid of someone who is following company policies and procedures. They said we should have honesty and integrity. They said we should respect the clients. They said we should speak up on an issue that matters in the company. And yet they are doing the reverse.

Genius: “Hello Superman, is there anyone you don’t like on my team? Why are you sabotaging our efforts and your efforts? Why bring all your relatives to work? Why are you doing all this setup of a thing?

Superman: I think I would take note of the word “sabotage”.

The Superman has another female colleague. She is very gifted in insulting staff. She was trained to look down on people. she said this to Genius “You guys have terrible attitude.”

Abroad I don’t know if great company insult their staff. Are these guys trained to insult people in the workplace?

Every angle we have tried to chase Genius out has failed. He is very good at his job. He comes to work on time. He is dependable. He is gifted. He does what is right. He has loyalty.

The time to promote The Genius is approaching. They must do everything faster to make sure he is out of the system.

How much are they paying Genius? The salary is nothing to write home about. You are working. The company is growing, and your kitchen is not improving. And still, those at the top level feel they should still hate.

It was a large group of people that worked towards the great resignation of the Genius. One of them volunteers his girlfriend for a setup mission. And all the things they do fail to work on the genius. It was a lady that they later used. All because of work and they went this extra mile! Money is a very strong thing for humans. The lady was sponsored to do this. You can imagine how guys in the sales and distribution unit can use souvenirs to buy the loyalty of a group of people in a social setting like a family. To the extent that they make it look like a case. A police case. Or should I say a marriage dispute? It was a very interesting drama.

They said the Genius was involved in a romance with their member. The lady is their member. It was as complicated as they made it to be.

It takes someone who knows you well to communicate your weakness to someone. Many of us have been sleeping with our enemy. We are trusting the wrong person. Many of us have been in the wrong circle in and out of our workplace.

Some issues cannot be reported in our company. If you report, you report your line manager to his manager. You would be surprised that his manager is even his advisor on the act you are reporting. They are working together informally. Because both are semi-professional. That report you made would even make your issue get worse in the company. The job title is not truly real. A regional manager is a low-rank staff in disguise. Someone appointed him there. Even if he is a regional manager there is a limit to which he can correct the affairs of the dangerous group.

Their body language speaks it; they did the set-up of The Genius amongst themselves. All in the name of the job. Many people envy we guys that work in the corporate without putting into consideration the heavy politics, the drama of hatred, and the racism we face there.

A sincere person working in this kind of business is a point of attack and or attraction. They blocked Genius’s official line. Why? I don’t know. The reason could be that they want to make false insurance claims. Corruption in action. They forced him to resign from the system. They wanted it documented and if possible as they want it, they said he should backdate the resignation letter. So that they would not make necessary payments or for whatever reason well known to them.; Those guys are too funny.

The sky changed. The end of an era. Everything that has a starting point has an end. Steve Jobs was fired from a company he co-founded. Genius was pushed out of the workspace he helped to build. They were building revenue and raising the team. Some guys work tirelessly without going on annual leave for years. Anytime they requested to leave business owners or bosses asked them to hold on till when things would stabilize. They would deceive them that they would be financially compensated.

There is much more to life than work.

Family is everything. But we need to chase careers in other to buy ice cream. Money keeps friends.

When life becomes difficult you would realize that family is better than work. Few friends with sincerity would be there.

Customers are not your friends. Friends and Family that have sincerity would stay. Family is the key.

What advice do you have for young professionals? I am short of ideas.

What can you do differently if you find yourself in this evil system? I don’t hope to be in that system again. Not even my enemy. They are not fair to people. every manager left there on the ground of quarreling, conflict, and dispute. There has been discrimination in this contract versus employees. Vendor versus staff.

As it is in all things. Karma works slowly. Karma is very nice. Karma catches you at the spot. Randomly or in whatever way it chooses to.

The evil that business owners do lives with them. In the end, the life of the state is longer than the people in it. Organization is society. It has its means. Organization is not a means to an end. The end justifies the means. Everyone would leave that company when the time came. I know gangs will always breed bad gangs, and that culture has been instilled.

The silent one. The one that stabbed and claimed she or he was not looking. These are the characters in the comic in multinational firms. Getting rid of them is very hard. They are trained and breaded. Their loyalty is not to the brand but to Capone who directs their affairs.

The bad treatment employees receive in Nigeria is not good. There are companies in Africa that don’t take shit from foreigners. A foreigner would call an African worker a monkey and still be smiling. I believe every expatriate and or foreigner be it black or white came into Africa to look for money. If Africa is not good let them make their money abroad.

The worst of it is when you see a black man suffering in his land. You see a black person telling foreigners how best to treat the average Nigerian worker. Pay them a poor salary. Give them extensive work hours. Punish them for mistakes. Sleep with their women in exchange for a peanut salary. Deny them of their bonus like pension and insurance. Pay them what would not last them till month end; so that they can borrow and be indebted to us. But the government knows about the minimum wage. And the government knows about the daily spending of the common man. So, what is the job of the Labor Union?

Everything about our companies seems interesting. They should always be asking themselves if they are doing the right thing, employees who are leaving your company would never forgive you. They still constitute your customer base. But it is just so funny that some companies can never change.