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The Business. Full text

I have been an organisational man for so long.

I work extended hours just to make living.

I must tell you that there is much to life than work.

You need to work with family. You need to work with friends. You need to share wonderful moments with this people.

How can you be fired from the Compqny you started or founded. An excerpt from Steve.

I really had a wonderful time working over the years. The experience spanned more than 7 years .

I work with all might. I talk with all might. I made money for my Company with all might.

Like Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho I know how to read the game of business excellently.

I was used. And I was useful. I have been used and useful. I stand the taate of time. The loyalty. The integrity. Plus the honesty.

I built great team. Past and present.

I work in an Organisation that is so big. Big politics. Many in it sees me like a threat. And I believe many also feel I can do much more than what I am doing. I can't just keep thanking this people enough.

My last boss wasn't really a wicked person. He was just confused. He acted on instructions of his direct report. He silently called me that My English is too much for him. He sees me like a threat. I humbled myself enough to make he feel important. I appreciated him more than those who refused or wouldn't say these.

They said we shouldn't mouth wash our boss or company . How true? Keeping issues in our mind wouldn't help the world. Countless Novel were written in business and Management just to keep us informed.

Some company has good intentions towards humanity. But unfortunately the people inside those Company mean it when they want to racicised you. Racism. The TQM of such Company cannot even think to that angle.

My management Style is quite amazing. I like and respect people. And I wouldn't like people being maltreated.

I defended my team in times of crisis. I coached and I correct them.

A visitor from within the company I partnered with insulted my team. She was instructed by the Supervisor I worked for.

But which HRs would trained her people to insult or use word of abuse. These guys said they would never insult customers. But insulting staff ain't big deal to them. This is bad.

instead of buying idea of reporting by Supervisor. I called him. Is there anyone you don't like in this team or its manager? Please let me know. We can tell people to step down or leave a company rather than frustrating their lives.

The wide discrimination and the most popular one is these job title and or employment status. Contract or permanent. The private sectors some of its have no respect for humanity.

I endure human behaviour in the work place.

I respectfully request for Change in Supervision via mail. Hello sir,how is work going overthere? Please I would like to request for q change in Supervision for my Unit. The reason is purely official. In other for us to achieve our business goals and objectives. Thank you.

It took plenty days to get acknowledgement to this simple mail.

I was invited for a meeting on the subject matter. And guess what the topic was changed. I was in a meeting with 4 opposition. Sincerely management has been abused. They used word of insult and threat. I had nothing to say in this type of meeting. Like I said I am very good at reading game.

Management didn't just happen to me without planned. I read every bit of it. I spent virtually all my semester break trying to study Management. I read it closely with Medical students on campus. You know these guys can read for q long period of time.

Working in a Toxic environment is very hectic.

So many approaches were used to get me frustrated from managing. I so much love selling than managing.

Making money is not an issue for the business I managed.

Getting staff working to get things done is easier for me.

I was set up on countless occasions just to get rid of me.

What could have been my offence.

Some years ago I got home feeling not happy about my job. I just want to get out. I cried and my girl friend wiped my tears . Every year I battled getting out of the job. Day by day .

What kept me for two long on this job? I love my job. I so much like what I am doing. It is selling. It is Marketing. It is loving people. Its about Technology.

One of our primary purpose in life is to do what we love.

Life is short doing something you don't like.

I guess I cried over poor treatment. I'm I meeting up with my needs . I'm I really supporting my family enough? Is there a room for growth. Money is not everything. But don't tell that to a woman. Success is a journey not destination. But Knowledge Management aside. You have got to show your score card. Have you settle your Bills?

When it time for you to sack people. Think well before you sack. Some employee don't have strength to plead. Moreover, don't give threat to a Single person. He or she has portable bag to fly from your job.

Remember one day you would leave your organization whether sack or any how. Organization and society would inherit every employee. The leaves wither the tree stays.

why asking people in your company to feel sanction form forcefully?

Why telling your Team that they can't find another work like the rope on their neck?

Regardless of Mafia way of life. You need to study the concept of work. Why giving managerial position to someone who is not competent to define Management. Even if he does define it. Can he tell us how Management evolved?

Companies just employ. Empower and turns away. No check mates. I can't work in a company where people are being teroris.

It is the people in your company that owns power. Power to brings in more customers. Power to make profit.

Incompetent manager would really love to make headline.

What would you gain from setting up people in your company? You are setting them up to make mistakes or to tarnish their image. You paint people black to your superiors and colleagues. You manipulate by recording calls and archiving mails.

Sincerely,we ain't running Organisation well in this country. Shop management has it own formular. Running a large scale firm has it's own.

If one dare recruit in Sport as they do in some companies thee days. Football game would sound dull to fans.

The quality of the services you are going to derive from a business would not just come from the staff that is facing or interfacing you. It would surely emanate even right from the conoant head office and the totality of the people in it. Please recruit qualified,skilled and well trained being.

The cost of having an incompetent Manager is expensive.

Let us save our team from stress of poor Supervision.

Even poor English cum bad spelling can affect a Team.

A superior should try and be better off to inject it to his manager. The manager would in turn inject it to his team. A good Team would make you have an happy customer. Revenue guarantee

The best thing that would ever happen to you is Technical work. You don't copy and paste while being Technical. Technical work ain't feminine .

While in the meeting with these guys. They said things out of point.

Before the meeting I had a brief discussion with an Admin. I said come some people are living without working. A staff hinted me and said he is really interested in knowing how to live without work. Is it Yahoo? Ask the fish. Fishes are making living well

People in Nigeria, got so much threat when it comes to work. You cannot live life if you live our under paid work.

The fact is that it very difficult to leave a job you behave yourself into.

Your weaknesses would easily be denoted. Especially when they see that you are married . For any attempt to sack you, you would likely beg. You would be used.

I waited for the right moment to quit my work.

Loyalty won't allow you to say it's time to let go. Loyalty is a 2 ways thing.

When a job is no longer adding value to you. Won't you call it full stop.

When a job is planning to sack you. Won't you sack yourself on time

When the culture of a company is becoming Toxic. Won't you run away to save yourself.

When manipulation and politics are becoming high. I think you need to think for yourself.

When it is set up here. Set up and set up. You just gave to let go.

Hatred,racism and discrimination are cancerous diseases inhibit by an individual with low self esteem to frustrate life out of employees and managers.

I don't see any wrong when a manager prescribe what is best for Management . The Manager set the vision and he sees the business.

Whatever a Manager suggest shouldn't be neglect. That word manager is since qua non to Doctor.

For the best interest of the team and the business. A poor Supervision is not good for a retail business . Its drained energy

I complained bitterly and professionally on the state of Supervision we have in our office.

The Supervisor we have doesn't know what it takes to supervise a shop.

I sent a mail on Request to Change Supervisor.

The mail wasn't acknowledged not until like one week.

I was invited by The Supervisor boss for a meeting.

On getting to The Meeting. The Subject matter was changed to something different.

I was in a meeting with 4 of The Staff who are actually different from my company that I worked for. Our work is partnership .

They all dominated the talk during the meeting. I wasn't given the chance to talk.

They later turned the table to ask if I am married? I said No sir. The other guy told me to say something. That if I refused to say something whatever they comes up with that I should accept it.

Most of their discussion was on customers complaint about my Shop. Since I'm their leader I have to take responsibility . That my staff are turning customer request down on sim swap.

The Supervisor boss threatened to close down the Shop and evacuate everybody there. May I should have apologised like I used to. I didn't say a word.

I was forced to talk. They have camera,video,recorder and other tech tools.

I told them; we have identified problems. We are going to fix it. May God help us. They asked why I'm I calling God in this situation. I said its God.

They said I would get feedback in 3 days time.

My Team Lead and my staff was invited the following day.

They refused to sign forms of offences.

Before they could get to the office. The Supervisor sent mail on dismissal to me. In addition, he suspended two of my staff.

In business law,he is not the one who engaged me to work. The franchise owner has to approve that.

One of my partner called me and said we would discuss about it whenever he come around to the office.