The Lens and Perception of Being a Better Human.

The Lens and The Perception

Human bring view things in different perspectives.

Sometime the things you feel it right to you may be the wrong things to the other person. This is differences and or individual differences.

Our habits and choices in life differ from each other. Nobody had the same finger print.

There people that find it difficult to apologies for their errors in while dealing with other human. So could be a personal habits. While some could be as a result of difficult stubborn spirit that rides or overriding them. And it could also be a problem that has to do with up bringing and or bad environment.

Some culture or race have issues with Human relationships that had to do with acceptance and tolerance. In this kind of culture killing human is a normal thing. While some have to question this. Why should human lives or life be taken by another human being?

Even suicide is against any normal human society. Why should you take your own life? You are having difficulty paying bills? You are struggling to get a job? Your date or potential partner call it quit? You seems to feel stagnation in life? Or you just feel things are not working for you?

So after taking your own life what would change?

We need to build our perception. The starting point is being conscious of where we take our attention to. Adjust your focus. What you focus on would dwell in your behavior.

Many of the things we watch in the media seeing people killing themselves are really affecting behavior.

We need to churn negativity. We need to avoid self pity. And we need to throw away that odd mentality that people who hurt us would suffer it by swearing.

You are not the creator of the universe.

Whose religion or set of belief urge you to swear to those who have wrong you?

Did any of the great men in the history of messangership ever utter any abusive or curse words on those who wrong them?

Mentality can be change. But it would be difficult.

There are many bad people that has go away with it. You don’t look life like home videos and expect calamity to happen to them.

It is Karma that work as some people believe. But is it all people that it catches? Leave judgement for the Judge. Live your life and act in the best character of bring human. Character would beat your opponent.

We can change our Thinking by facing our own reality. Let us be a model of good act.

Please avoid being a victim of poor or low self esteem. It is people who doesn’t see value in themselves that attempt suicide on self and others.

A good course of life is helping humanity.



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