The Moment That the Genius Cry. How Good Are You in The Corporate World? Business Storytelling That Brings Growth for Startups

6 min readJan 31, 2024

The Moment That the Genius Cry. How Good Are You in The Corporate World?

I think in retrospect, I have work with some of the best Companies you can talk about in this country. And I have also work in the best capacities of growing such businesses.

The story of how I left Telecom firm has attracted so many analytics.

I have written some of the articles surrounding this not for piety but simply for Business Storytelling. We write for fun. And we also write to ease the burden and load we carry on our chest. It is experience. Past experiences. And they are worth sharing. And those characters in the scene can be met someday and we may likely drink ice crem together.

How come whenever I am explaining this past experience I would start crying? I have no power behind these tears. And my guys would tell me to stop. Frustration comes for different angle. The He-motions things. Even strong men cry.

I have tried every possible means to leave the past behind. It cannot be change and there is no future in looking at the past.

Content management calls for us to make use of pen. We need to draw things from our past and put it into writing. If we do not write, how do we intend to inspire the younger ones that are coming to the world of Management.

Do not be good in your own eyes. Sounds lay man. To every Executives reading this. It is Good to be good and get remark and or recommendation from good people.

I have big head that is big for something. Big for Design Thinking and much more. All the crisis that I have had in most companies is enough to show that I am not needed by dull folks. No one fight the dullard. Only the genius. I look onto Steve Jobs a lot when dealing with Toxic wicked people in the workplace. I manage them and I always see problems before they become chronic.

The like of Muritala Isa Asada is worth being noted in my diary. If not for Muri I would have still been swimming in my wasted years. If someone like Muri can call me one on one and told me that I am a threat to him in the Retail Franchise outlet. Others kept this in mind. Some are busy calling me professor. If I cannot understand Languages in Nigeria. I understand body languages very well.

Guys it is not all job that are ready to be signed worth taken. Some jobs can take your life. Some people in it are blacks and they can do black magic. Do not work with people that do not have love in their midst. The premise of their job was built on manipulation.

How come MTN allow you to go? Does it mean you are not good? Inside the boardroom some of the Executives put their head on table while interviewing me. I noticed tears in the eyes of recruiters whenever I have contact with them.

Ajala, tell us. You are not good. Ajala Speaking “Sincerely I am not good. I don’t think I am good. But people said I am good. I am not good all the Senior Managers hide me when the Customer Relation Executive came to visit my store. I am not good my Boss said I should not send mail without his approval. I am not good I turned a Garage into a shop. I am not good I turned a shop into a retail outlet. I made a retail shop a Company and before you would know it is now a Conglomerate. Dear Executives, I am not good it was me against the guys in Sales and Distribution. I am not good The Regional Manager in The CR unit along with The Quality Assurance guys, Service center manager, Connect operations supervisors, The Fleet guys and so on all gang against me. Sir, I am not good so how come they keep setting me up many numbers of times? They used girls to set me up. They use clients to set me up. They even use Alimajiri to set me up. They use their girlfriends, cousins and so on to set me up. Some of those who are closed to me also sold my information’s to them so that it can be easy for them to bring me down. I called those friends Hypocrite. I was forced to resigned! I was told or suggest to take pea nut of cash for the years spent on the job. I was asked to back date my resignation letter. Everything is worth smiling and crying about. And life must go on.

What exactly is wrong with the system of work in Nigeria? Is it that the system is good? But the people in it were faulty?

Modern days’ workplace has their own code of work and no one cares if you are good. If you are good, they would attack you straight aways.

This work experience was very fantastic and very relevant to me in the way I see human, peoples, individual, group and systems. No one to trust.

If I did not take your job offer. Please do not take it personal. I also need money to eat. But I have to respect my mental health. Money cannot the health upstairs.

And for those Recruiters that are busy looking for excuses on my Resume. Saying I switch job like time to time. Some are even saying if I would be loyal to their work. See HR, loyalty is priceless. Have you work in a company where you are being cajole not to go on leave? Have you work round the clock Monday to Sunday? How do you rate a man that work for 6+ years on a fixed contract. I catch fun work for the company I want. Any company that wants employee engagement knows what to do. Loyalty should be two ways.

I really want to help Startups companies in Nigeria to have a corporate look. Do not behave like the old and odds. Some companies are old but creativity has been misplaced. Many of their employees have misplaced priorities. Many set their own objectives ahead of the companies.

When are we going to have Companies in Nigeria that would rival with US or UK companies. The banking industries look like a big deal to us. We gave ourselves too cheap to the Telcos that came from South Africa, UAE, India and so on. All our human capital and talented being are in abroad doing what they know best.

Startups companies should not be in the habit of cheating their staff. If they do, they are building a bad reputation towards their brand. Companies should learn to respect people. some of the small things that we tend to overlook becomes germane. You would see someone that cannot write or spell his or name heading a unit. All he does is to append signature.

Startups companies should not mix up National politics with Office politics. And on no account should we place office politics into our company system. Who has politics help? Where is the failed bank? We think Oil and Gas are creative enough to rescue us? What if Oil got dry. Where is our own cable companies? DSTV and the rest of them were imported to us. When are we going to export our own corporate thinking.

The problems that constitute where we are today are part greed and toxic behavior. The definition of office is not known to some of us. We just want to go their and eat money without adding value to the stakeholders or public.

The injustice being done or carried out in our workplace by Human Resource and or Quality Assurance Team has become rooted. Group of people control our company like mafia. They are known as informal group. What is the future of work in Nigeria if these guys continue in this manner.

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