The Real Reason Why You Holding Yourself Back as a Writer.

3 min readJun 18, 2022

The Real Reason Why You Holding Yourself Back as a Writer.

I have come to the conclusion that there are 6 most difficult tasking work in the world namely;

· Thinking

· Content

· Writing

· Marketing

· Growth

· Being real

No one is holding you back to become as successful writer but you. Do you want to know the reason why?

The reason is simply because you don’t want to do storytelling.

See, no one would read your article or write up if you are trying to be defensive on the accounts of things that has happened in your life.

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There are many approaches to writing. Sometime we use the first-person pronoun, and some other time 3rd or 2nd person pronoun.

Sometimes we write what is happening in our life or that of the life of others. And most of the time we invent. We use imagination to write. Some writers however like research.

The moment I write things like “Working in that system is one of the worst things I had ever seen…” This line triggered not just attention but gossip. And there are many young professionals that reach me and tell me that I did a great job there…

There is different between when you are writing and when you are posting on WhatsApp status. The latter involve professionalism.

I want to write a story in Lagos that would inspire someone in let say California or Florida or in any part of the world.

If you are into content writing. You have to be real. You have to be yourself. You have audience to feed.

What would you do with all the heavy thought in your chest? That’s bunch of loads.

You are in a toxic workplace that is not helping matters…

Or you have the worst circle that always want to bring you down…

Or you see something going on in the society that need to be talk or write about..

If you are in pain, please take your pen and write.

If you feel people would get to know about your personal life through writing. Then I don’t think you are fit to be an article writer.

The real truth is if you like hide what is happening in your life. Always remember that there is no secret all over. There are people that specializes in getting to know what is going on in and around you and they would disseminate it accordingly.

We are not truly safe in this cruel world. The smartphones and some internet enable devices we are using did not promise us 99% privacy.

As issue arises in our life, we learn we think and reflect. Sometime we find a trusted friend to share with. Sometime we have to pick up the pen and catch the fun of writing.

What makes a good writer is the ability to make art out of issue, incidence and even glory.

The America and some advanced countries have done so much good to us by publishing novels even before the advent of the internet.

Please pick up the pen and write your won story. If you do not write your own story someone else will. Stop the lie you keep telling self that about how people would perceive your write up.

Pick up the mirror and you will see the genius in you…

It is your thought…

Pen it.