The Reason Why Start-Up Project Fails in Nigeria. Great Lessons for Business Owners Who Underestimate Marketing Management

3 min readFeb 2, 2024


Marketing has a special place in the heart of Fortune 500 companies. They are the one who knows the importance of values in business. Fortune 500

Those who work in Marketing are those who can take your business forward. And they should be taking care of every fringe benefit as stipulated by HR.

A CEO of a start-up company has less respect for those in The Marketing Team. He placed them in an office that was not well-ventilated. Mosquitoes and dust everywhere. And the company wants an increase in market share and growth. How do you think that be possible? Where you place value is where you should seek results. And besides all departments in a startup firm are about activities. Marketing gives results. The IT team in a start-up company is busy enjoying the AC while the Marketers are making use of standing fans. Marketers cannot be creative in their tasks when put in poor working conditions.

I see every project in a firm that is not Marketing oriented to be failing. This is a fact. Whether you are doing a remote business or a hybrid or on-site business. Your business cannot be known in the marketplace without the efforts of a Marketer. And the marketers we are talking about are not those you would use and dump.

A marketing Team in a start-up helps the firm to think outside the box. They are the ones responsible for revenue. It is when they bring in revenue that you would be able to settle costs. Too much cost is not good for business. It would cause your business to run down.

The management team and Managing Director should listen to what the marketers have to say and work towards the implementation. Marketing projects require resources and it would bring a whole lot of benefits.

Nigerian companies are still having issues with Marketing, And the issue they have is that of definition. What you cannot define, you cannot practice.

Let everyone know what marketers do in a company. And let Marketing be everyone’s job. They should be a brand ambassador for what your company produces.

So as I was saying, the company that put another unit ahead of the marketing team would not compete well in the marketplace.

Start-up businesses fail because of marketing problems.

  • They are using the old method of doing business
  • They seem not to understand product management
  • They invest less in those on the marketing team
  • They felt they could use techniques on marketers by paying them less
  • They allow their best hand to go. Thinking they can be replace
  • They fail to understand the analogy and anatomy behind the Product Life Cycle

With all the resources invested by a start-up entrepreneur. Why should your business still fail?

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