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Want to Happy in Life? Lower Your Expectation and Have Attitude of Gratitude.

Want to Happy in Life? Lower Your Expectation and Have Attitude of Gratitude.

Happiness is an inside job. It all starts with you and waiting someone to bring to you that kind of happiness you truly want might take time and you may likely wait in vain.

Daina Ross once said, “if you want to be happy be happy…happiness is knowing how much is enough and appreciating what you have.” Happiness is a choice. The same way depression is a choice. I choose happiness over depression. And I choose to be happy no matter what may come my way. That’s a good affirmation.

The theme of the book The Secret is centered around Gratitude. When we show attitude of gratitude in every phase of life. We would find happiness. And we should try and focus less on what we don’t want. If not, they would keep occurring. Instead, we should focus on what we want and let the universe do the magic or take care of things that we have no control over. I want us to look for something to be grateful for now. We should stop comparing self with others. Your stage 2 could be the other person stage 4. We live life in stages. Note that.

There is a quote I read in John Mason’s books. He wrote, “regardless of the kind of house you are staying. Wouldn’t you rather stay there than staying in the best hospital in the world” if you cannot be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for what you have escape. Count your blessing don’t name them.

In human psychology, it is high expectation that led to frustration. I want to be popular in school. And you end up not being popular. This would lead to frustration. Especially seeing someone who came to the University without the mindset of being popular and he or she end up being popular. Do what is right and every other thing would take care of itself.

To also avoid frustration in life we need to expect less. We should drop the ideas of entitlement. We should expect less from the workplace. Just do your work. The life we live now is so amazingly funny that promotions can favor who doesn’t even deserve or least expect it. Stop expecting from Government to change situation. This is really affecting many in my country now. Even though we pay tax, and we are not seeing what the money is being used for. The revenue from resource is being wasted for their personal gain. There is misappropriation of funds. To be happy is to ignore them and focus on how you can be a better citizen. Keep your dream alive! It could be that you want to an athlete or web developer. But the system is not allowing you to shine your light. Keep hope alive. Also, in friendship we should expect less. No one owns us anything. If we need something go for it.

Staying happy should be something we should be put into consideration in our daily life. Happiness comes from doing something we love doing. By helping others to achieve their dream we can also derive happiness. There are people that need us to stretch hand to them. And we can do this through humanitarian or charity means.

Another quote I came across online said “Life is not about his duration but by its donation.”

When we learn to give, we grow. When we show love to the children and the less privilege, we found ourselves being fulfilled. The new research in Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has shown that Self-transcendency is the at the top of the triangle to replace self-actualization.

What is self transcendency? According to Stephen Covey, Self transcendency means to live beyond a purpose that is higher than self.

Have you heard about FSO Foundation It is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of young people through sports. I would want us to check out their Website and share the good news on what it means to be giving back to the society

Please choose happiness now!

Thank you.