What makes a good writer? Putting Human Intelligence Ahead of Artificial Intelligence.

2 min readApr 9, 2024

What makes a good writer? Putting Human Intelligence Ahead of Artificial Intelligence.

Technologies will keep impacting our jobs and the way we do things. Back in the days when writers had nothing to write, they attributed it to writer’s block. Writer’s block is the inability of a writer to produce a meaningful text. It can happen to anyone, musicians, writers, poets, and so on.

When we have nothing to write, we sit and relax. Then wait for inspiration to come. Some go the extra mile to take drugs and go for adventure. And most of the time imagination aids some of us.

Now come chat with GPT and generative AI. Since this invention came the writing business has witnessed so many writers. Everyone writes. And we are finding it hard to explain to clients that our write-up is original. Some content writing companies will advertise for the post of writer with the strong warning “No AI or No chat GPT.”

To write is to think. To think is to be creative. There are so many things happening around us that we can write about rather than depending heavily on Chat AI.

A good writer is the one who knows how to dedicate to the job. Do you feel like writing? write it? On the system and start typing. Your tone is more authentic than AI. Write it even if it isn’t looking perfect.

I am not saying Chat AI isn’t good. I like it. AI has made so many tasks easier. It helps me in doing certain tasks like guiding me on how to structure some content and so on. We need it as a writer. We should see it as a tool not as a companion to lift from especially when we need to win the mind of our audience.

Using chat AI to get work done means we are not being creative. A client can equally send a command into the box and get the same result. A good writer does things differently. There are millions of thoughts in the human mind. A lot is going on in our heads. We have a pen. We have paper. We have a note. We have the keyboard. We have the TAB. We have our computer in front of us. Tell me if AI can beat human intelligence.

When the writing matters most; originality should come into play. Doing research, thinking, consulting ideas, searching for keywords, and so on, are also good.

A good writer doesn’t count on AI. Believe in yourself. Don’t be caught in the act of AI all the time. Know when to use AI and when not to use it (AI). Write it.