Why are people disconnecting from friendship?

4 min readDec 11, 2023

Why are people disconnecting from friendship?

Maybe it is the same questions that we should also be asking as in why people are breaking up in relationships.

Dear readers after reading please endeavor to share with connections and contacts.

Social media is one of the major norms of communicating these days. It is expected that every user of smartphone should have messaging apps on their phone for instant messaging and to share. And this has had impact on human communication.

Now we don’t talk like we used to talk. The face-to-face human communication is losing its value. It is either we send text, images, or voice notes. And we are now in the era of small talk and abbreviation.

What happen if some of our friends couldn’t afford to get a smartphone or were unable to subscribe for internet data?

In this case they tend to lose bond of friendship. They won’t be up to date with what is going on in the social circle. Many relevant information they won’t be able to get from friends. And they might be categorized as not being social enough to fit into our friendship. There by they got disconnected.

Friendship sometimes also comes to an end due to the reason best understood by both or either party. Some other times friendship could just stop working without human understanding. You hear things like we just stopped communicating or he came up with an attitude that doesn’t goes with my vibe.

What happens when we stop being in touch?

There is power in friendship. So also, the quality of our relationship is the quality of our life. We allow pride to make us to run down our friendship. So many people are going through a lot in their personal life. They have no one to share with. They dress well and the society admire them. But deep inside of them, they truly need human Communication.

The absent of human Communication or true conversation has led to depression. Depression is happening everyday amongst youth and even adults.

Now it is becoming more worst now that attempting to keeping in touch means being ignored. People are looking for who to have conversation with. But no friends to come to their rescue. The economy in our country is a very tough one. Many people are now ignoring friends on instant messaging. Regardless they feel every personal Direct message is about urgent 2k money. Meaning that everyone is broke in one way or the other.

What happen if a friend text you “ hi, please I need your help” and immediately you saw this you went offline. Or let say you quickly blocked him or her. Or you set your read receipt to be off! Without knowing what sort of help your friend is seeking for. But your assumption is he or she want money from you. And now we came to find out that he really needs to speak with you about personal problem that is bordering him. And because he or she couldn’t get a response, suicide became an option.

Depression is not only for the poor. Even the rich people, singers, celebrities, and public figure have their share of pain. When pain becomes too much in life the best option is looking for someone to share with.

If a friend contacts me that he or she needs money. If I can’t help, I would look for alternative way instead of avoiding him. I can even say since you need 5k. Let me give you 3k that I think I could afford now. Another way is to give them a listening ear. We need to stop the act of avoidance. Avoiding people deepen their problem. There are problems that we can help people to solve that goes beyond finance.

Let us embrace interdependence. No one is an island.

Let us reach out to someone today by saying; “Hey hello, I am reaching out to you. Or checking on you to know how you are doing.”

Our friends are not our rivals. We should churn all forms of competition. Look for how you can impact people without expecting even much in return.

Hang out with friends occasionally and share deep thought that goes beyond social media chat. If your friends are far from you, make use of social media messaging app. A simple hello could help heal their sadness. And don’t wait for your friend to reciprocate your calls or text, if the feelings of keeping touch hit you, keep in touch.

Take good care.

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