Would My Lagos Landlord Offer me an Accommodation as a Freelancer or Workfromhome?

4 min readMay 26, 2023

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If you are working as a Freelancer or Remote worker in my country. You would be subjected to so many questioning from House owners, house agents and even neighbors.

It is expected that work should be that you wake up by 5am and return home by late hours of the night. Like 10pm or 11pm.

The meaning of work here is you must go out, sweat and come home tired.

Everybody would like to know what you are doing for a living. Including the landlord.

To make it worst. If you have a Laptop, the community would see you like Yahoo boy also known as Cyber criminal, scammer and all kind of negative terms.

It is very tough to stay in this kind of environment.
Many don’t know what is called Forex Trading, Cryptocurrency, Binance, Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology and Web 3.0. All these to layman and some educated ones are tagged to be Fraudulent acts or activities.

Haven’t you see where neighbors would went and report someone who is always online working or doing is daily hustle inside his own room or apartment. They wonder how come he is paying his own bills and sustaining herself or himself without going out inside the hot sun. The purpose of the arrest is that they presumed the person is into Yahoo Yahoo. What is popularly known to be 419 or Online fraud person.

Yahoo is the name they call people who does bad acts online.

Even till today. We still find it difficult to explain Social Media Marketing to many people in Nigeria. Though many of them have had scary experiences on the net.

The bad experience that many has with Online Business is their greed. Their own greed is always placed first rather than following the processes. We always want an instant gratification in Nigeria.

The instant gratification is what makes many to fall in the hands of Internet Fraudster. We want to hear something like bring 10k and make 1Million. We don’t like the process. We need the result. And the end of the result is regret. Loss of funds.

So how do I explain the concept of Freelancer or work from home to my Landlord? He is not well informed. He has erroneous notions about people that stays at home making money or doing their business.

The fact is you have paid your house rent. What you do with your time is none of his or her business. I don’t think you have to explain yourself to him. If he demanded for your ID card you can show him or her. But mean while you should reserve some privacy for yourself. Because you don’t know who is who. Let him understand the basic. And you can be lucky if he may likely buy from you. So introduce yourself on the basic. As time goes by you learn to study your community, the landlord and neighbors. If they seems like the kind of people worth sharing your story with. You can go ahead and do that. See them like Leads that you would like to convert to Customer.

You may find it challenging to really come into agreement with some landlords. And the rise of work from home is going on the increase daily as new technologies emerged.

One better solution is to look for the right environment. There are environments that promotes creativity. Being in such environments means you would not only thrive. You would also grow. Because there you shall find creative people from all works like UI/UX, Product manager, Virtual Assistant, Web designers, Social Media Manager, Content writer and so on. These are the kind of people you should research and locate where they stay plus where they hang out.

I have said all these to make explanations easier for you. Your uninformed Landlord or Landlady might want to frustrate life out of you. Especially if you needed to on your Generator. You know power supply is a big issue here. They only like you if they are charging phones in your room. And if you have conflict like paying of rent or conflict which doesn’t have basis or theme. They would insult you that you have no job. That your mate are out there working and you are at home playing game with your computer. Even if you are in a Zoom meeting or Teams they would label it as that you are watching movies.

My writer friend always complain to me whenever we are in the co-working space. That friends and family always insult him that what is he doing with the job of a writer. Telling them that he is a writer means that they would laugh at him or gossip him. Some Men would not even give you their daughter to marry if you tell them that you are a Content specialist.

The writers craft or career in Nigeria can be a slow one when it comes to making money. Many have suffered writing for years without monetizing it. It is the advent of Technology that now makes Writer to enjoy the benefits of selling their craft for money. Content writers are now smiling as they are generating funds.

Search for a house in which your creativity would not be tampered as a result of conflict of misunderstanding.

Keep doing what you keep doing and expect nothing but excellence.

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Ajala Abiodun is a Sales and Marketing Specialist with a UK Based Telecommunication company.